Girl at the Rock Shows



Rat Trap

"You really go to all kinds of shows, don't you?" That's what Tim from Space Monkey Mafia said to me when I ran into him at The Turf Club on Friday night and, honestly, truer words have never been spoken.... Continue Reading →

Miranda and the Beat – “Concrete”

There's something about the name of this band that really drew me in. Miranda and the Beat-- honestly, it's not super flashy or anything like that yet somehow it caught my eye and, consequently, upon pressing play on "Concrete", my... Continue Reading →

Polluted Womb – “Pretty Much a Ghost”

Happy Friday everyone! We made it! I know it was a short week for most of us but that didn't stop it from feeling like the longest short week ever so, seriously, kudos to all of us for making it... Continue Reading →

Junket – “Weapon of Choice”

13 years ago, Junket released "Weapon of Choice" on their EP of the same name. 13 years ago, I had no clue who Junket was. Today is the day that my eyes have been opened to this band and although... Continue Reading →

Phil the Band – “Stupid Things”

This will be my third post on Phil the Band. I try not to play favorites with bands being that there is so much amazing music out there but every time I hear something new from Phil the Band, I... Continue Reading →

Phantom Bay – “Ends Meet”

I was hooked by the pitch that I got with "Ends Meet" from Phantom Bay. It said, "ENDS MEET is about working on your own projects and ideas, even when no one but you appreciates and understands them. It’s about realizing... Continue Reading →

45Fix – “Wasting Time”

I'm just about over today and it's not even 10 AM. I'm frustrated, stressed, and honestly just wanting to go sit by the pool with a book but there's no time for that. What there is time for is to... Continue Reading →

Evil Sweet – ‘Queen Victoria EP’

I have some things to do outside tonight just around the house but I'm avoiding it like the plague. It's hot as hell outside and it feels like I never actually left Vegas. Honestly, it's miserable and, yes, this is... Continue Reading →

Chris Perkins – ‘Meant To Be’

I've had a couple of albums sitting on my desk to be reviewed for some time now. I feel terrible that it has taken me this long to get them but honestly, with Punk Rock Bowling on the calendar, my... Continue Reading →

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