Girl at the Rock Shows



A Magical Evening With The Minnesota Orchestra

I'm all about going to different events. Clearly concerts are my passion and there's no better feeling than watching screaming guitars, pounding drums and feeling passionate lyrics but, when you do it every night, it's nice to change things up... Continue Reading →


Don’t Slow Down

Matt & Kim are one of those bands with a live show that I wish I could take the energy from, bottle it up, and save it for a rainy day. There were a million shows going on that I... Continue Reading →

It’s Hard To Say The Truth Out Loud

I haven't watched American Idol in years. A mixture of getting into different styles of music and digging a bit deeper into the music industry completely ruined the show for me. That being said, there was always talent on that... Continue Reading →

Killing in the Name Of

Last night definitely didn't go as planned. My calm and peaceful ravioli dinner turned into a frantic moment of me shoving my two cats into one carrier (they were pissed), grabbing my phone and running out of my apartment as... Continue Reading →

You Got No Case On Me, Bro

I wasn't going to go to the show last night. I didn't have a ticket, I knew it was close to selling out and would probably do so by the time I got to the doors knowing my luck, and,... Continue Reading →

Dan Israel- ‘Social Media Anxiety Disorder’

Dan Israel is one of those local names I have heard time and time again but never had a chance to check out so I was excited when his new album 'Social Media Anxiety Disorder' hit my stack of albums... Continue Reading →

Life Looks Better When You’re On Your Trampoline

Saturday night wasn't my show. Honestly, I never even would have had the show on my radar had it not been for a good friend and her boyfriend. My friend is a blogger like myself and she and I have... Continue Reading →

Do I Make You Better?

Sure, big sold out shows are amazing. The feeling you get when lost in a sweaty mess of people while singing your heart out... there's really nothing better unless you have an experience like me and sixteen other people had... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Going Back To My Dark Places

I've always known of Stiff Little Fingers. I may not know all of their songs but I remember constantly seeing their name pop up when working at record shops growing up. It wasn't until I saw vocalist Jake Burns open... Continue Reading →

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