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Sideways – “Said and Done”

It's a pop-punk kind of Monday and I couldn't think of a better track to keep my energy up this morning than "Said and Done" from Sideways. There's something a bit aggressive about the vocals in this song that I... Continue Reading →

Moving Boxes – “Bed Bath + Beyond My Breaking Point”

I mean, come on, the title of this song was more than enough to intrigue me. "Bed Bath + Beyond My Breaking Point". Try to read/ say that without giggling. Beyond that hilarious and sadly true song title, this track... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Anchen Ji

The sweetness in Anchen Ji's new song is almost sickening in all of the right ways. I'll be honest, the first time I heard "Wait It Out", I wasn't sold but, as the song played on, I started to feel... Continue Reading →

FOMO – “Boyfriend Hoodie”

FOMO mentioned that they are rapidly gaining local momentum in Montreal, Canada and, after hearing "Boyfriend Hoodie", it makes sense. A pop-punk anthem with an edge, "Boyfriend Hoodie" is about learning self-love and the words throughout this song absolutely hit... Continue Reading →

Dad Hats – “Claustrophobia”

I'd be lying if I said I felt like a bed of roses today. I don't know if it's the dramatic weather changes we have been going through of it I had one too many drinks last night at the... Continue Reading →

Grimm Winter – “Vagabonds”

To say it has been a "Grimm Winter" for some would be an understatement. It's mid- March and we have another winter storm that could dump inches of snow on us tomorrow. For me, I love it and think that... Continue Reading →

Weatherworn – “Steer You Wrong”

I was hit with an instant wave of nostalgia the first time I heard "Steer You Wrong" by Weatherworn. This song brought band names to my head that I hadn't thought of in years including Saves the Day and The... Continue Reading →

Moozy – “Minnesota Seems Nice”

I moved to Minnesota literally right after I graduated high school. I haven't looked back. I love it up here from the people to the seasons to the venues and music-- it's just the perfect place for me. Obviously, seeing... Continue Reading →

Descantilleos – “Estos Lodos”

Language means nothing to me when it comes to music. Sure, I'm a lyrics lady but, more so, I am a music lover and when a song is good, it's just good-- it doesn't matter what country it comes from... Continue Reading →

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