Girl at the Rock Shows

Top Secret Metal Fest 3

It had been five days since my last show. No, I wasn't sick. It was my birthday on Thursday and my birthday present to myself was five days without shows. Five days of sitting at home on my ass after... Continue Reading →


Living Young And Wild And Free

Yesterday could have been a perfect day. The weather was perfect with the sun shining and an almost constant breeze. I was excited to be outside in the sun surrounded by some of the best of friends with a cold... Continue Reading →

I Want It That Way

Last night was yet another night of living the high life in the press box at Target Field. I'm not going to lie, walking in through the secret press door and straight up to the coveted press area made me... Continue Reading →

We Didn’t Start The Fire

I walked into last night's show thinking it would be just another show. Granted, it was Billy Joel and I was a bit more excited than I usually am, but I just figured I'd get into Target Field, find my... Continue Reading →

It’s A Brand New Day

One of the photographers that I work with at Twin Cities Media had work stuff come up and couldn't make it to last night's show. Being the great friend I am (and being hopelessly addicted to live music) I offered... Continue Reading →

Don’t Drag Me Down

Being able to see legends up close and personal is one of my favorite things. Sure, all shows are great, but being able to see seasoned veterans (as in the ones that influenced all of the other music you listen... Continue Reading →

Warped Tour 2017

The day ended with me puking out the door of my friend's car and falling asleep by 7:30PM on the floor of my living room right under the air conditioner. How did I get to that point? Two words-- Warped... Continue Reading →

I’d Put My Eyes Out To Erase This

I've had a show every night since Tuesday. Even with all of those shows, last night was the first time when I truly felt at home and felt I was surrounded by my family. I say this every time I... Continue Reading →

Like Slow Spinning Redemption

It's hard for me to understand how I'm turning 28 years old in two weeks but still know every single word to the songs I would scream along to when I was in my early teens. Last night was definitely... Continue Reading →

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