Girl at the Rock Shows

I’m Always Gone With The Wind

I've been living in a pop world for this latest stint of shows. From local group to Whosah on Wednesday night to the always energetic New Politics on Thursdays and then The Mowgli's on Friday, it's been nothing but happy-go-lucky... Continue Reading →


Living Life Just Like I Should

The winter blues are starting to get to everyone here in the Twin Cities. You can literally feel it in the air and, with a looming Snowpocalpyse scheduled to hit in just a couple hours, I would be lying if... Continue Reading →

What Are You Living For?

The Varsity Theater has been closed for a couple of years now. It closed due to drama with the owner and nothing else. It was a deafening blow to the Twin Cities music scene. Whether you like being in Dinkytown... Continue Reading →

Let’s Not Grow Up Too Fast

I don't care how bad your day was yesterday. It doesn't matter if you spent the day figuring out it has been 102 days since the last time you heard from your crush or if you had such a stressful... Continue Reading →

I Have Frying Pan

Nearly a year ago I wrote about what happens when Gallagher, Ned Flanders, a mariachi singer, and Ronald McDonald walk into First Avenue. Well, here's another one for you- A shock rocker, Darth Vader and a Satanic looking Ronald McDonald... Continue Reading →

Who We Are Keeps Me Believing

It was nice to finally be back at the venue formerly known as Mill City Nights. Although the name of the venue has changed to Music Hall MPLS, some things will never change including the organization of the venue. I... Continue Reading →


There is a phenomenon that is sweeping the younger generations. Call it emo-rap, mumble rap, call it whatever you want and bash it all you want but it's clearly a phase that is going to last awhile. I'm too old... Continue Reading →

You Gotta Rely On Small Victories

Last April I stumbled upon a show I knew nothing about and ended up having a truly memorable night. Everything about the night was perfect but Flint Eastwood was the icing on the cake. I loved every minute of her... Continue Reading →

Sorry You’re Not A Winner

After spending a couple of hours outside for the St. Paul Winter Carnival (which just proves that Minnesotans are bat shit crazy since they stood outside in subzero temperatures for a parade and other outdoor events), I was more than... Continue Reading →

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