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Coyote Kid- ‘The Skeleton Man’

I feel terrible. Coyote Kid's 2019 release, 'The Skeleton Man', has been sitting on my desk for months. I wish I had a good excuse as to why I haven't reviewed this one and wish I could blame it on... Continue Reading →

Savage Moods- ‘Dark Matter’

I've never gotten into tarot cards but after a discussion with a friend last week, it's something that I absolutely think I could get behind. I've gone down a rabbithole of all things supernatural, lunar, conspiracy and other strange things... Continue Reading →

Hangman’s Hymnal- ‘Small News Travels Fast In A Bad Town’

I found out last night that the "flowers" in front of my house are actually weeds. I told myself that I would wake up early this morning and take care of that and plant something that wasn't just weeds but... Continue Reading →

Dan Israel- ‘Social Distance Anxiety Disorder’

It has been a couple of months since I reviewed Dan Israel's 15th studio album 'Social Media Anxiety Disorder' (check out the review HERE!). It's kind of crazy to think about how much things have changed since then so when... Continue Reading →

Molly Maher- ‘Follow’

I've been fortunate enough to catch Molly Maher live a couple of times. I have always been struck by her charming personality and calming yet feel-good and comforting music. Even though I've always loved catching her live, I'ver never actively... Continue Reading →

Jay Allen and the Archcriminals- ‘Fun Is Fun, The Trilogy is Done.’

"It really is impossible to listen to without smiling, and here with The Archcriminals, he might have masterminded his greatest heist." - Maximum Volume Music. That's the quote that drew me to Jay Allen and the Archcriminals new album 'Fun... Continue Reading →

Riverby- ‘Smart Mouth’

Don't worry guys, I'm still here. Things got a little nutty up here in Minneapolis and album reviews just didn't seem important with everything else going on in the world. I'm not going to say things are better in the... Continue Reading →

The Winter Passing- ‘New Ways of Living’

Today was insane both personally and at work. Now that I'm home, all I really want to do is to crawl into bed and fall asleep to some Shark Week reruns but I know that it's far too early for... Continue Reading →

Going To The Sun- ‘Love Letters From The Western Gate’

The amount of chores I have to do around my house today is ridiculous but I'm a procrastinator and cleaning can wait. I am in the mood for some new music so I blindly reached into my treasure box of... Continue Reading →

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