Girl at the Rock Shows

Mad Tiger!

Sure, doing this night after night is amazing but, like everything else, it can get old. I always try to search out what I think could be weird shows or shows with an injury count (because, let's be honest, it... Continue Reading →


Distract Ourselves To Make Us Feel Like We’re Not Just Mistakes

After a night off from shows on Saturday, I was ready to jump back in as Sunday night rolled around. Sure, it was amazing to catch up with friends and get a little out of control but spending a Saturday... Continue Reading →

Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays

Like usual, I knew nothing about the band performing last night but with a name like Unknown Mortal Orchestra, I was intrigued enough to check it out. After a couple of drinks and conning my friend into coming with me,... Continue Reading →

Living Like We’re Renegades

I tried to go see X Ambassadors when they played a free show downtown during Super Bowl Week. Unfortunately, it was snowing, I was drunk, there were too many people and, well, it just didn't happen. I was definitely a... Continue Reading →

It Don’t Matter Now

The line to get into First Avenue last night was long. I'm used to sold out shows and I've become a pro at timing. Even at a sold out show, I seem to always time my arrival perfectly with a... Continue Reading →

Come On, Take Me Out!

I'm not going to lie-- my heart broke more and more with each text I got from my friend at Amsterdam regarding the broken nose and knock out count at the show going on there. Some of my best friends... Continue Reading →

I Came For Passion, I Came For The Truth

It was a bit strange to be back on the west bank of Minneapolis. I haven't been in the area since the final show at The Triple Rock. It's not that I dislike the area because, honestly I love it,... Continue Reading →

Memories In My Pockets And Coins On The Floor

I've been on a roll lately. The past nine nights have been spent all around the cities listening to all types of music. Although my exhaustion level is definitely hitting an all time high, it doesn't get old. Last night... Continue Reading →

No Time Left To Keep

Spring has finally sprung up here in the Twin Cities so obviously, on the first nice day of the year, I spent my day sleeping off a hangover and hating myself. Hey, I had the windows open at least! I... Continue Reading →

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