Girl at the Rock Shows

I Been Loving Every Day A Little More

Like almost every other night, there were choices to be made last night. Did I stay at happy hour with my co-workers celebrating one of their last days with the company? Did I go check out this Ghostemane character that... Continue Reading →

I Need A Pep Talk

Deep down I knew it was Halloween all day but it didn't feel like a Halloween. I wasn't dressed up and, other than a random bag of Skittles that my manager gave me, I didn't gorge myself on candy. Honestly,... Continue Reading →

Say That You’ll Always Remind Me

I'm rarely surprised when a show sells out anymore. I feel like I'm in the know enough to know when an up and coming artist has a big enough following to sell out shows. Sure, sometimes I'm wrong (like that... Continue Reading →

Where We Gonna Go Now That Our Twenties Are Over?

I needed last night. Hell, I always need a concert but I┬áreally needed last night. Yesterday was one of those days that came complete with a mental breakdown and no calming down in my forseeable future. I was in a... Continue Reading →

I’ll Make My Stand Right Here With My Friends

My weekend was amazing-- a little out of the ordinary for me-- but amazing. From finally experiencing the very talented Minnesota Orchestra on Friday night to witnessing comedic genius with Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes on Saturday, it sure was... Continue Reading →

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Roadshow

After going to the orchestra on Friday night, I figured we may as well get weird with the weekend so instead of going to one of the many concerts going on in the Twin Cities on Saturday night, I found... Continue Reading →

Sigcell- ‘Pile Of Ghosts’

There's not much to the presentation of Sigcell's 'Pile of Ghosts'. Just a sleeve encasing a CD all wrapped up in a plastic wrapper (which my cat really enjoyed chewing on), there's not much to read or look at. The... Continue Reading →

A Magical Evening With The Minnesota Orchestra

I'm all about going to different events. Clearly concerts are my passion and there's no better feeling than watching screaming guitars, pounding drums and feeling passionate lyrics but, when you do it every night, it's nice to change things up... Continue Reading →

Don’t Slow Down

Matt & Kim are one of those bands with a live show that I wish I could take the energy from, bottle it up, and save it for a rainy day. There were a million shows going on that I... Continue Reading →

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