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Little Hurt- ‘Every Second’

You know those end-of-the-year round-ups that you can look at on Spotify? Well, there was one song I listened to an obscene amount of times. That song was "Alaska" from Little Hurt. I seriously couldn't stop listening to that from... Continue Reading →

Hayley and the Crushers- ‘Fun Sized’

The amount of fun that can be felt just from looking at the cover on this album is all I needed to decide to cover this one tonight. The bright colors and then the fun picture of Hayley jumping with... Continue Reading →

Disco Shrine- ‘xoxo, disco’

I made the mistake of laying down for a couple of minutes after work. I've been dragging ever since. I need to snap out of this because I still have a million things to do tonight before I can even... Continue Reading →

Average Joe- ‘Take It Or Leave It’

I have a million things to do today like usual I have the day off from my day job so I really have no excuse to not get my ever-growing to-do list done but I'm just not in the mood... Continue Reading →

Idle Wave- ‘Party Guy’

I was so resistant to Instagram for so long. I honestly had no good reason for it other than I am sick of being so connected all the time and in so many different ways but I've finally found Instagram's... Continue Reading →

Liam Moore- ‘Visions of a Perfect Life’

It's the kind of cold tonight that you just can't seem to shake. I have the heat cranked up far higher than my wallet would like but I'm still sitting here shivering. Honestly, I just need something warm to listen... Continue Reading →

Rest Easy- ‘Sick Day EP’

It was a long weekend. Monday's are rough to begin with but today seems a bit rougher than usual as far as fighting off my exhaustion is concerned. With that being said, I need something to jumpstart me tonight so... Continue Reading →

Johnny O’Neil- ‘Truth or Dare’

I have been fortunate enough to see Dare Force perform live once. They opened for the almighty Impaler back in September of 2018 (check out my full review here!). I remember them not being quite my thing (a little too... Continue Reading →

Arm The Poor- ‘Vomnibus’

I've been lacking energy lately. I blame the frigid cold temperatures but, let's be honest, I think it's just me being lazy and probably my mental health taking a slide back into my comfort zone of depression and anxiety. Regardless,... Continue Reading →

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