Girl at the Rock Shows

JoJo Longbottom – “Embers”

I'm feeling a bit frantic today. There's just so much to do and not enough time but thankfully, JoJo Longbottom's song "Embers" just hit my computer and it brought me a sense of calm and energy that I needed so... Continue Reading →

Soulcolour – “Forever and a Day”

I don't typically get super into acoustic music. There's nothing wrong with it but it just is never what I'm looking for when I'm working or dealing with a stressful day (which, these days, seems to be every day for... Continue Reading →

Smooch – “Men With Wagons Pt. 2”

For better or for worse, we've made it to another Monday so let's celebrate by checking out "Men With Wagons Pt. 2" from Smooth. Right off this bat, this track caught me. There is just something fresh and energetic about... Continue Reading →

Love Is Like A Rosary

Sunday night at The Icehouse was one of those unassuming kind of nights. I only say that because of the sheer legends that were both on stage and in the audience but how understated the show was when thinking about... Continue Reading →

Oberon Rose – ‘Purple, Blue & Crimson’

I've had "Oberon Rose Review" on my to-do list for weeks. I honestly have no reason as to why it has taken me so long to find the time to do this review but all I can say is that... Continue Reading →

The Jack Knives – “Hope and Romance”

Again, I must ask, where is the time going today? I was going to get through so many singles but it's already three in the afternoon and I've only had time for one but I digress. Sometimes all you need... Continue Reading →

Systems & Stories – “Osage”

Somehow it's already 11AM. I don't know where the day is going but I would like some of that time back because I have so much to do. My normal playlists of upbeat indie pop hits just aren't quite hitting... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Scotty and Zachary of Evil Sweet

The vibe in Evil Sweet's new track "Something" is infectious. It makes you smile instantly and makes you want to drop whatever it is you're doing and dance. At the same time, there's a sense of depth and emotion in... Continue Reading →

An Interview with New Haven

New Haven is perfectly heavy. There's no denying the energy and power that comes with their sound but what really hooked me was the flawless nature of their sound. As soon as I hit play on their new song "Between... Continue Reading →

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