Girl at the Rock Shows

Something To Remember Me By

Downtown Minneapolis was an absolute zoo last night. My typically calm walk from the parking ramp to the venue last night was interrupted by the buzz from Minneapolis celebrating Pride. The energy was electric as I walked past drunk people... Continue Reading →


We Could Get Better Because We Aren’t Dead Yet

The line-up of Friday night's show was something I couldn't have even created in my wildest dreams. With a new favorite band, a band that has taken over my daily playlist, an old favorite, and my all time favorite band,... Continue Reading →

I’ll Never Be The Thing To Run To

I only signed up to cover last night's show because my friend and fellow blogger was excited about it and, with her taking photos and me writing, it was sure to be a great girl's night out. I knew nothing... Continue Reading →

When You Say Nothing You Can Mean So Much

Some shows are just more fun with friends in tow. Sure, I love going to shows alone. You're able to do what you want without judgement and you make all of the calls for the night as to when to... Continue Reading →

Got The Feeling That You Wanna Burn Slow

Was I thrilled to go back into the miserable heat after spending all day Saturday outside in it? No. But I knew that Sunday night's show at The Cabooze Outdoor Plaza was a show that I just couldn't miss. It's... Continue Reading →

Rock the Garden 2018

I wasn't excited about yesterday-- not going to lie. The line-up did nothing for me (okay, if freaking sucked other than one or two highlights), it was hotter than hell and, well, I have yet to finish binge watching the... Continue Reading →

You’re Not As Broken As You Are Brave

Yesterday was the type of hot where you just didn't want to leave the comfort of the air conditioning. As soon as you stepped outside, you would be drenched in sweat due to the extreme humidity. To remedy this problem,... Continue Reading →

How Simple My Heart Can Be Frightens Me

I went into last night's show blind. The guys standing in front of me while waiting to get my ID checked didn't seem to fond of that. They had asked me how I excited I was to see Hop Along... Continue Reading →

You Gotta Love Somebody

The sky was looking a bit ominous as I drove from Saint Paul to Minneapolis for last night's concert. With the weather warnings cutting into the stories I was listening to on Minnesota Public Radio, I was more than relieved... Continue Reading →

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