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Wouldn’t Say- ‘Nothing Wrong with Simple Songs’

Don't worry guys- I'm still alive. That second vaccine shot is no joke and after sleeping for what felt like days, I'm finally getting back to my normal self. I won't lie, I enjoyed having a few days without writing... Continue Reading →

Kulick – ‘Sitting In A Quiet Coffeehouse’

I absolutely fell head over heels in love with Kulick when I reviewed his latest album 'Yelling in a Quiet Neighborhood' so when I heard he had a new EP coming out that gives a new perspective on that album,... Continue Reading →

Business. – ‘Like You’

Australia is one of those places I have always wanted to visit. Yeah, I know, I'm scared to death of spiders and other crawly creatures to it's probably not the place for me but I still would just love to... Continue Reading →

Midwave Breaks – ‘Lemonade Hand Grenade’

I have no witty intro or any deep thoughts right now. It's almost the weekend. We've almost made it! So let's celebrate by checking out 'Lemonade Hand Grenade' from Midwave Breaks. "Lemonade Hand Grenade" starts this quick three-song EP and... Continue Reading →

Perry Project- ‘Regardless of Everything, Are You Okay?’

I'll be honest. today was rough. My anxiety was sky high all day for no apparent reason and, even after taking a quick nap after work, I still feel like I haven't completely gotten back to normal. It's because of... Continue Reading →

Hangnails- ‘The Middle Distance’

It has been a day and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't ready to crawl into bed and just pass out but how can I do that when there's so much music to check out?! Hopefully 'The Middle... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Olivia Bell

I'll admit, I'm really loving e-interviewing people lately! I just love getting an inside look at musician's lives and not just the music side of it. I feel like music does a lot of talking already so it has been... Continue Reading →

Drake Elliott- ‘I Ride Bikes With Robert’

It's unseasonably cold up here in Minneapolis but I turned my heat off yesterday and I am not turning it back on. That being said, I blame any typos in this post on frozen fingers. Hopefully 'I Ride Bikes With... Continue Reading →

SESPOOL- ‘before the fog covers me’

I have no witty intro or anything profound to say right now other than I am so sick of my laundry basket staring at me and subconsciously telling me to haul it upstairs and put away the clean clothes. The... Continue Reading →

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