Girl at the Rock Shows

I’m Running Out Of Road But I’m Still Doing 75

I was genuinely excited for last night's show. Was I exhausted? Of course. I'm on a bit of a bender with no end in sight and, like usual, housework is piling up with no time to get it all done.... Continue Reading →


Feeling Like A Freak On A Leash

I don't tend to admit this but, after last night's show, I'm willing to shout it from the rooftop. I love nu-metal. Go ahead and snicker and judge as I would expect nothing less but, if you were at the... Continue Reading →

I Got Something To Bring To Your Attention

Sunday night shows set the tone for my week. If it's a bad show, I tend to have a not so great week but, if it's an amazing show, I'm sure to have an awesome week. Thankfully, last night's show... Continue Reading →

There’s Hope In These Footsteps Of Persistence

Some bands have a strange, almost cult-like following. I love it. I love finding myself at shows amidst the die-hard fan base and being a bit of a fly on the wall. I love the conversations I hear about who... Continue Reading →

I Am Your Silhouette

My dad and step-mom were in town on Wednesday night for a jazz show. Sure, I could have gone to see Insane Clown Posse or Gene Simmons but, family comes first, and I found myself at a dark and calm... Continue Reading →

The Future Has Been Cancelled

I have yet to get a decent night's sleep and have yet to find the time to unpack from Chicago. It seems like everyone who played Riot Fest is now on the tour circuit through Minneapolis. Sure, I saw all... Continue Reading →

Together We Can Burn This Place Down

This past weekend was a blur. I was in Chicago for Riot Fest and to say I was exhausted and sore would be an understatement. My friends I went with had all gotten home and were surely sleeping off the... Continue Reading →

She Had To Get Out

I left for Chicago bright and early this morning. I'm exhausted and left my apartment in shambles. I probably should have spent last night getting ready. You know, packing, doing the dishes that are piling up in my sink, putting... Continue Reading →

Sure I Could Stay But There’s A Place I’d Rather Be

With my annual trip to Riot Fest in Chicago just a couple of days away, my life has gotten pretty insane. I've been busy making sure I have everything I need, packing, trying to spend as much time with my... Continue Reading →

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