Girl at the Rock Shows

Life’s Waiting To Begin

I'm obsessed with Blink 182. Find me a former emo kid that isn't and I'll show you a liar. They are my band. No matter what my mood is, they are there to comfort me like a weighted blanket. I've... Continue Reading →

Jingleball 2019

Yesterday was one of my favorite nights of the year- Jingleball. Don’t laugh, I’m being 100% serious. I love the fact that an old fuddy duddy like me can have one night to get a little sampling of all the... Continue Reading →

Get Up On This Wisconsin Death Trip

There was excitement, anticipation and a hint of nervousness when I walked into The Myth last night. Sure, it was a concert and a stacked line-up which had the people in the audience ready to go but there was also... Continue Reading →

It’s Funny How Things Can Change

There were no expectations as I walked into The Armory last night. Although I've heard the name Brockhampton before, I had never heard his music before (yes, that's now naive I was-- I thought Brockhampton was a single artist-- more... Continue Reading →

Not Everybody Lives But Everybody Dies

I was nervous that we wouldn't make it to the show on Saturday night. Yes, I know, I live in Minnesota and driving in snow is just a part of life up here and, if I'm being honest, I'm pretty... Continue Reading →

Ian Valor and the Vendettas- ‘All Right All Riot’

I've been seeing Ian Valor's name all over my social media accounts. It has me intrigued but sadly, due to an overwhelming concert schedule these days, I have yet to catch Ian Valor and the Vendettas live yet so I... Continue Reading →

There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Lonely

I go see underrated bands night after night. I stand in the crowd wishing the band got the recognition that they deserved. This mind set is nothing new but the feeling is never as strong as it is when I... Continue Reading →

Hi, Says The Girl Who Doesn’t Have Time For Relationship Advice Rather Relationships At All

Sunday night's show was one I had been looking forward to ever since it go announced. Full disclosure, I was hesitant to jump onto the Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers train the first time I heard him. His music was... Continue Reading →

Anything You Imagine, You Possess

I am so close to hitting 300 shows this year that I can taste it. At this point it's all hands on deck. I have to hit 300. I just have to. Yes, I know that number is ridiculous and... Continue Reading →

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