Girl at the Rock Shows

Soul Meets Body – “Forfeit”

I just saw Death Cab For Cutie on Sunday night. I didn't write about it because it was a show that I just wanted to attend, not judge but, in case you were curious-- it was amazing. Why do I... Continue Reading →

MINIMUM RAGE – “On and On”

I'm getting a lot done today which feels great but I'm starting to feel waves of panic and anxiety visit more frequently. I'm trying my best to keep them at the wayside but I feel like, as the day progresses,... Continue Reading →

The Owen Guns – “Trans Rights are Human Rights”

Let's start this Wednesday off with a super important and rightfully anthemic track from Australia. I mean, the title of this song really says it all, "Trans Rights are Human Rights". It's a message that, to me, is common sense... Continue Reading →

PLZ RSPND – “Business Chicken”

As soon as I read the title of PLZ RESPND's new song "Business Chicken" I got a funny image in my head. I literally saw a chicken running around wearing a suit and tie while carrying a briefcase. What can... Continue Reading →

American Television – “Bittersweet”

I don't have a witty intro for you right now. I think I'm just a bit drained for today but that's not going to stop me from checking out and sharing more amazing music. Honestly, it's the only thing keeping... Continue Reading →

Project Revise – “Free Fall”

My day isn't getting any better but I am trying to keep a positive attitude and "Free Fall" from Project Revise is hitting the spot because of that. "Free Fall" is one of those tracks that, as soon as it... Continue Reading →

Otherwives – “Redemption Arc”

It's just 10AM but I am already so over today. I'm not sure what's going wrong but I feel like I just can't get comfortable at my desk and feel like every time I get my inboxes clean and I... Continue Reading →

All The Heaven, All The Time

After my quick yet delightful time in the 7th Street Entry for the Lutalo and Claud show, it was time to move upstairs for the Kid Kapichi and Nothing But Thieves concert. I was excited as I passed through a... Continue Reading →

Taking Steps With A Caution Sign

What do you do when you can't decide between two shows to go to? Obviously you go to both. Okay, maybe that's just me but that's how I spent my Monday night. There were two shows conveniently happening in the... Continue Reading →

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