Why do I do this to myself? Why do I insist on going to see bands that I listened to when I was in high school? They’ve grown up, my taste in music obviously hasn’t, and it’s just heartbreaking.

Last night was one of those nights. I loved The Maine’s first EP and album. It was all about girls, break ups, and hating your parents. Man, those were the days!¬†Apparently, they have grown up a bit since those first two releases. Apparently, they’re actually a pretty popular band now. They have shedded their long hair and un-showered look. The skinny jeans and v-necks may still be there, but they have completely cleaned up their act… and music.

Don’t get me wrong, the new stuff from The Maine is good. But COME ON!! Play those old jams!

Is a concert just an excuse for nostalgia? Do you only go to shows to hear that one band play that one song that you listened to on repeat after breaking up with your 10th grade sweetheart? I came to the realization last night that that’s exactly what I do.

I never pass up on a show of a band that I used to listen to back in the day. Hell, I’ll go see the same band 20+ times just hoping they play my one high school anthem. Sometimes they do, usually they don’t. Does that mean the show is wasted?

I say no. Although I didn’t get to hear “my songs”. I got to experience yet another amazing concert full of amazing people and music.

Also, may I just say, I have been going to The Varsity for shows for 7+ years now and last night was the first time any bands have given a shoutout to the award winning bathrooms. If you’re ever in the twin cities, go to The Varisty just to see the bathroom.


The Technicolors


Real Friends

The Maine

Sausage Fest Meter- 4 out of 10

Crowd Surfers- 83 (Although, surprisingly, only 1 during the main act)

Broken Bones- None noticed

Drunkards Taken Out By Security- Pretty sure my friend and I were the only ones old enough to drink there

Found in the pit- 1 shoe