The girl behind me was talking about how she felt too old to be at the show last night. I turned around when I heard that. I was going to give her an “amen” and then I realized… she wasn’t even 21. I am 25. Where did the time go? Here I was, having to use an hour of paid time off in order to get to the show on time and majority of these kids don’t even have a job yet!

Yes, it was another night of nostalgia for me. All Time Low… good god I haven’t listened to that band since I was in high school. I definitely fit in more with the crowd of parents that was clinging to the back wall of the venue than the hot and sweaty mess of a crowd that I found myself in.

Kids were pushing with absolutely nowhere to go before the show even started. By the time the first band went on, it felt like it was 100+ degrees even though it was a balmy 50 degrees outside. Before the main act went on, I saw at least five kids being plucked from the front row. I remember being one of those kids.. you get to the show super early to get a great spot but before the main act, the one you really wanted to see, you get over-heated and exhausted and have to leave before you pass out and get trampled.

When All Time Low took the stage, things got crazy. Not the type of crazy that I experienced last night at the Four Year Strong show.. but a PG-13 kind of crazy. There were flying bras, flying tampons, girls were basically throwing anything they could to try to get the attention of the teenage heartthrobs (who are actually closer to my age, but knowing that would have broken the crowd’s heart.).

I went to this show with a good friend of mine who has just as bad of taste in music as I do. We stood towards the back for majority of the show hovering near the empty bar, but there comes a time at every nostalgic show where you lose it. You run up to the front of the crowd, pushing and shoving your way up. You belt out every word to every song you remember from when you were angsty and hating your parents. You try to keep your composure but all of a sudden you are swept up into a wave of people jumping up and down and you have no power over it. As cliche as it sounds, you’re feet never touch the ground. You have to start jumping and you’re waving your hands and you’re screaming and then the confetti showers over you and you’re dancing and the whole world goes away.

The day job that, although you don’t hate it, leaves you feeling like you’re being tied down. That ex-boyfriend that you can’t stop thinking about. The lack of money in your bank account. Those friends that you lost touch with. All of that goes away and you are left in a sea of strangers (most of which are half your age), covered in their sweat, screaming the words to songs you haven’t heard in years. That’s the best feeling in the world because all of a sudden, everything is okay.

Line Up:

State Champs

Tonight Alive


All Time Low

Venue: The Myth

Sausage Fest Meter- 2 out of 10

Crowd Surfers- 24, I’m sure there were more but I was too close to the front to count

Broken Bones- None

Drunkards Taken Out By Security- None

Found in the Pit- I don’t think those kids even knew what a pit was