Last night was one of those “throw back” shows for me… at least it was supposed to be.

I remember listening to Bring Me The Horizon non stop during my junior and senior year of high school. Although I was (and always will be) a pop-punk kid at heart, I loved me some good old fashioned screams and pig squeals. That is what Bring Me The Horizon was. It was one of those bands that my parents dreaded me blaring on my boombox. One of those bands that I would show off to all of my friends because it was so heavy and they thought that was so cool. Apparently things have changed in the past couple of years.

I will be the first to admit that I did not keep up with Bring Me The Horizon at all. Although I loved it back in highschool and still listen to majority of the same music now that I did then, Bring Me The Horizon is just not one of those bands. Maybe that is a blessing in disguise.

I should have known something was wrong when the show was booked at The Myth in Maplewood. The Myth is a 3,500 person venue in the burbs that I have yet to have a truly enjoyable time at. Why even try and be nice? I dread going to shows at The Myth but you have to go where the music takes you. My hate for The Myth would take too long to go over so I will just leave it at this: If you’re a band playing at The Myth, you probably aren’t actually playing any of your instruments and it’s probably sponsored by one of the butt rock radio stations in town. That being said, I have no clue why I had high hopes for last night.

Strike One

As if the show being booked at The Myth wasn’t a strong enough sign, maybe I should have realized something was wrong when I had to pay nearly $50 for my ticket. Obviously, I don’t mind paying for concert tickets. Hell, I don’t mind paying $50 for a concert ticket. But if I pay that much money for one ticket, you best be playing your actual instruments. I do not want to pay that much money to hear you play your CD over some really expensive speakers. You also better play damn near your whole discography. Don’t just get on stage and play an hour and a half of your new crap that is currently on the radio. I get that you have to play the hits, I truly get that. But play me more than that! Play those B-sides. Get nitty gritty. It’s a rock show for goodness sake.

Strike Two

Last time I listened to Bring Me The Horizon, they were metalcore. They were heavy. Their music was full of pig squeals (yes, they sound exactly how you think they’d sound). They made you want to get in a moshpit and flail your limbs around. They made you angry but in a constructive way. They were an outlet to get the stress and hate out of yourself. They made you feel something… Last night I felt nothing other than disappointment.

Strike Three—- You’re Out!

Maybe it’s my own damn fault. I thought I was going to be at a heavy show. I thought that I would find myself in a mosh pit of sorts having a good time and getting that feeling that I crave. Instead, I was surrounded by a bunch of twelve year olds and their parents listening to the pop crap that’s on the radio.

What happened to Bring Me The Horizon? I get that bands, much like people, evolve. I get that and I respect that. What I don’t get and don’t respect are the bands that have completely forgotten where they came from. I don’t care if you have a new hit song on the radio, play me the old stuff. Go back to your roots and be humbled that you are where you are now and be grateful for the people that have stuck with you since the days of the pig squeals.

Bring Me The Horizon only played two old songs. They may have played more but I left before I could find out.

Disappointment. All I felt last night was disappointment.

Line Up:



Bring Me The Horizon

Venue: The Myth

Sausage Fest Meter-  Even Playing Field

Broken Bones- None

Average Age- 12

Spotted Flying Through The Sky- Shoes, Shirts, Water Cups, My Hopes and Dreams for the Future of Music

Vapers- Too Many To Count

Crowd Surfers- Lost count after the 57 during Issues’ Set

Best Moment- Oli Sykes (singer of Bring Me The Horizon) had to explain to the crowd what a circle pit was….  even with the explanation, it was still the most pathetic excuse for a pit I had ever seen