Who is Richard Marc? Honestly, I’m not offended if you’re asking that and I don’t think that Richard would be offended either. He has been a behind-the-scenes kind of man working with artists like Lauren Alex Hooper and TikTok star Sophie Frear. Still have no clue? That’s a shame but understandable. Richard is stepping out from the background and that’s step is starting with his new single “Put It In a Postcard”. I fell in love with Richard’s sound and vibe the first time I heard his new single so, when given the chance to interview Richard, I took it.

Here’s my review with the one and only Richard Marc!

What’s a new hobby you have taken up during quarantine? If no hobby, is there a random TV show that you binged/ have a very strong opinion on?

I haven’t really taken up any new hobbies, but I’ve done a lot more of the things I enjoyed anyway – cooking, woodwork, and music of course! I also got really into Too Hot To Handle on Netflix, which is totally not my normal type of show

What’s your go-to coffee order?

I’m not a coffee drinker in the slightest. I do drink about 10 cups of tea a day, though.

What’s your favorite topping combination on pizza?

I love anything with lots of meat on it, and preferably spicy too.

Are you okay with unconventional interview questions? (too late!)

Of course! Who wants to read the same old questions about my favorite color or what I had for breakfast?

Did Matt Skiba help or hurt Blink 182? Or, if you have no opinion, that’s fine too (although I’ll absolutely be judging you)!  

Blink-182 were a massive influence on me as a teenager. Although I’m making pop stuff now, I was a big pop-punk guy when I was younger. The best Blink era was definitely early 2000s.

If you could compare yourself to a bird, what bird would it be and why?

I have no idea, I’m not big on birds really. Although my parents keep chickens and they are much cuter than people think, so maybe I’ll go for a happy, free-roaming chicken.

Favorite lyrics of all time? (it can be a full song, a phrase, etc. just please let me know who it is and what song!)

I think probably Rock and Roll Nerd by Tim Minchin, or anything else by Tim Minchin to be honest. It’s a bit left-field, but he’s just so clever and funny in the way he constructs his songs.

What’s your favorite menu item at Taco Bell?

I’ve never actually been to Taco Bell! I don’t think we really have them here in the UK.

What’s the first thing you will do when the world is back to normal? (come on– don’t just say play a show, we all want that)

Obviously, I’m looking forward to seeing family and friends that I haven’t seen for a year, but I’m really looking forward to going to watch a live football game (soccer for you Americans). I’ve supported Halifax Town since I was a kid and my dad would take me to games.

If you could compare yourself to an animal, what would it be and why?

Last time I bought a new guitar I was so bouncy and excited on the way to the shop (and afterward) that my friend compared me to a kangaroo… I’m not like that all the time though! I would love to be a cat. Sitting around all day, getting stroked, and just having food brought to me.

What is your dream concert line-up on a show where you guys would play but you can’t have any bands in the same genre on the bill with you?

This kind of feels like a ‘who are your favorite bands’ question in disguise… Hayley Williams and Paramore are incredible performers and put on an amazing show, so they’re up there. I’d also say Guns N Roses, Queen, Twenty One Pilots, and Maren Morris. A bizarre lineup.

If you were to rob a bank, what would be the song playing in the getaway car as you escape?

Getaway Car by Taylor Swift? Or maybe Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N Roses, that’s a great driving song.   

What’s one thing I should know before listening to ‘Put It In A Postcard’?

I’ve spent the last 6 years or so telling myself and everyone else that I don’t want to be a performer and I just want to write or produce with other artists and then I decided to do this new project, so it’s a bit weird for me suddenly stepping back into the spotlight. This song isn’t so much about being sad that a relationship is over, but angrier about how it happened.

When was the last time you sent a postcard?

I don’t actually know, maybe actually when I was dating the girl this song is about! I do send regular letters more often though.

Taking a leap into the performing world after staying behind the scenes is a shock enough… having to answer my silly questions.. well… I so appreciate Richard for entertaining me and taking the time to chat with me!

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