Girl at the Rock Shows


girl at the rock shows

Scars Are Flames And Features

Another night, another show. People always ask me how I do it or if I get tired from doing this night after night. I'll admit, after a binge of late shows like I've had this week, sure, I'm tied-- exhausted... Continue Reading →

Light Atomic – “Blades on the Night Stand”

I'm not sure where time is going but it's somehow already mid-afternoon and I am nowhere near where I wanted to be for the day. That's okay though because I have some amazing new music to keep my energy and... Continue Reading →

Just Dying To Be Saved

"We're a band. We play songs and make sounds." That seems like such a generic statement but it was the first thing Converge vocalist Jacob Bannon said as he took the stage at The Fine Line on Wednesday night and... Continue Reading →

Refugio – “Indestructible”

Like a couple of other songs that I've checked out recently, I don't understand a word of the pitch that I got attached to "Indestructible" from Refugio but, within the first few notes of this song, I realized I didn't... Continue Reading →

Life Upon Liars – “Ghosts Of The Past”

It's only Wednesday yet somehow it feels like it should be a Friday. Maybe it's anticipation of my impending trip to Punk Rock Bowling or maybe it's the fact that work has been insane and I feel like although I've... Continue Reading →

Stupid Girl

It has been years since I have seen Matt DeMar. Matt was a somewhat local kid who was in a band called Forever Waiting. My ex's band once had Forever Waiting open a show for them in rinkdink Minnesota and... Continue Reading →


KID TRAVIS doesn't stop. The amount of songs that he sends my way is absolutely insane and although not all of them have been a great fit for my stylistically, I always genuinely enjoy hearing his unique take on music.... Continue Reading →

FELIN – “STFU (Shut The F**k Up)

Nobody will ever take away my inner angsty teenager so, of course, I was drawn to FELIN's new track "STFU (Shut The F**k Up)". I mean, come on, with a title like FELIN, they knew she had me. As if... Continue Reading →

Karaba F.C. – “In The Violence”

I can't understand a word of what was submitted to me along with Karaba F.C.'s song "In The Violence" due to it being in (what I assume to be) French. Sure, I could sit here and try to use Google... Continue Reading →

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