Girl at the Rock Shows


girl at the rock shows

André Salvador and the Von Kings- ‘André Salvador and the Von Kings’

I feel terrible. This vinyl record has been sitting on my desk for months. I was so honored that someone sent me a vinyl copy of a release to review because I know making vinyl is not cheap and shipping... Continue Reading →

I’m Glad It’s You- ‘Every Sun, Every Moon’

I've gotten so used to reviewing albums from people and bands that I've never heard of. I was honestly a little shocked when I'm Glad It's You's 'Every Sun, Every Moon' hit my list. I'm Glad It's You isn't a... Continue Reading →

Ian George- ‘Kingdom of My Youth’

I should really just go to bed at this point. My rollercoaster of a day has reached a low point that I just don't know that I can rally from. That being said, I'm still in the mood for some... Continue Reading →

Ryan Hamilton and the Harlequin Ghosts- ‘Nowhere To Go But Everywhere’

Today has been weird. I feel like I've experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in the past few hours and I'm honestly ready for a mental break from everything. Unfortunately, my brain doesn't work like that.... Continue Reading →

Interview With Justin From The Catalina

I fell in love with The Catalina the second I heard them for the first time. Their fun-loving energy was heard loud and clear through their music and the amount of energy it gave off was just perfect. I won't... Continue Reading →

Bite Me Bambi- ‘Hurry Up and Wait’

I'm starting to fade. I've hit the dreaded Saturday afternoon slump but I'm too many cups of coffee in and it's too late in the day for a nap. I need a little pick me up and what better idea... Continue Reading →

Nathan Rodd- ‘Slowly’

I don't know why or how but my inbox has been blowing up all week with new submissions of music to check it. Honestly, it's overwhelming but oh-so-exciting at the same time. Nathan Rodd is one of those people that... Continue Reading →

Career Day- ‘Pride Was Somewhere Else’

I have a million things to do and am already feeling overwhelmed. I'm a pro at procrastinating so figured I should ignore my ever-growing to-do list and just work on finding some music to soundtrack my day. This hunt for... Continue Reading →

The Sonder Bombs- ‘Modern Female Rockstar’

I took today off of work to get some stuff done around the house. All I got done was napping in different rooms of said house and going through some emails. It has me feeling a little discouraged but I... Continue Reading →

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