Day two of Riot Fest is now in the books. My feet have a few more band-aids on them to cover up the blisters and I honestly don’t know if I have ever hit such high numbers on my step count for the day but day two brought more excitement and more amazing music. Like yesterday, I saw far too many acts to list them all out for you so here are my favorites from the day:

Corey Feldman: I mean, come on, how was I going to miss this set. You probably know Corey Feldman as an actor. He was in movies like The Goonies, Stand By Me, and The Lost Boys. Did you know that now, at age 52, he is trying his hand at music? I have to be honest, his electro-pop vibe was not quite for me musically but being able to see such a legend on stage was a blast. His energy was also perfect. He didn’t come off as a pretentious movie star as he played through his set rather, a humble musician who was just excited to dance and sing for the enormous crowd that had gathered at the smallest stage the festival had to offer. Putting Corey on this stage may have been a bit of a mistake as people really did show up for this set but it also added a sense of magic to it.

High Vis: I was about to walk away from the small stage to go see what else was going on throughout the festival but a photographer stopped me to chat and we ended up talking about the next band to take this stage- High Vis. She was excited as she explained who this band was and talked about their live show and quickly had me sold on staying put and seeing what this band was all about. Her words were accurate to say the least and this UK-based band instantly had me wrapped around their fingers. I would call their music post-punk but even that doesn’t seem to do this band justice. Watching them gave me the same feeling I got the first time I saw IDLES and I am beyond stoked to have this band on my radar now.

Viagra Boys: I honestly have a love/ hate relationship with this band and I don’t quite know why especially when they absolutely killed it on Saturday. Viagra Boys have a sense of satire in their music and overall vibe which led to an explosive set. The energy I got from them was off the charts while also being ridiculously laid back at the same time. Although I still don’t know what I think of this band fully, I do know that I will make a bigger effort to see them live next time they come through the Twin Cities.

Spitalfield: I know that I just saw Spitalfield a couple of weeks ago at The Turf Club but I wasn’t going to miss a second chance to see this band that has meant so much to me for so many years. The crowd was modest over at the small stage for them but that didn’t stop them from giving yet another flawless performance just as they had in Saint Paul a couple of weeks ago.

Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls: If you know me then you know there was no way I was missing yet another opportunity to catch Frank Turner live. Although I’ve seen him well over dozens of times, he never fails to captivate me and Saturday was no different. Frank gave as much heart and soul to the giant field packed full of people as he does at the more intimate (yet still large) club shows that I’ve seen him do. Love him or hate him, Frank is one of those men that gives you such a wave of positivity and optimism when he performs that it’s impossible to leave his set disappointed.

Sleep Token: One of the highlights of Riot Fest for a lot of people was the opportunity catch British rockers Sleep Token live after their entire tour seemed to sell out in just seconds. I’ll be honest, I have never heard this band and just kind of wrote them off for some reason so I was excited to be one of the lucky ones in the US to get a chance to witness them live. Their set left me a bit confused. There was a darkness in the presentation but their music read more commercialized than I expected. Although I don’t think I’ll be listening to Sleep Token on the long drive home on Monday, it was cool to see this band perform and see the reception they got from the massive crowd that was there to see them.

Insane Clown Posse: Okay, bear with me here. I know in most of the scenes that I hang around, ICP is typically the butt end of a joke but they closed out my Saturday night and it was honestly perfect. This rapping duo of face-painted clowns with a Faygo soda obsession is definitely bizarre and I don’t think I’ll ever consider myself a Juggalo but there was still something absolutely addicting about their performance on Saturday night. Their set seemed to bring a whole new crowd to Riot Fest and also gave the typical Riot Fest crowd a chance to see what ICP is all about. It was an odd choice for Riot but, at the end of the night, it made sense.

And now we move on to the final day of the festival. Unfortunately, as I sit here writing this with a coffee on one side of my computer and an energy drink on the other, all I can hear is the rain pouring down outside. Today is sure to be an interesting one and, although I’m low-key dreading what this rain will mean for my shoes, I can’t wait to enjoy the magic that is Riot Fest for one last day this year.