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Still Talk – “Jokes About Heroin”

Although I know that heroin is no joking matter, Still Talk's song "Jokes About Heroin" is a song that just has to be heard. Beyond that, although the song title is mildly inappropriate, this song is deep and does not... Continue Reading →

Logan McAllister – “Snake Oil Sunshine”

I love Fridays but not for the reason most people do. I love them because on Friday mornings I send check-ins to all of my clients. This kind of wipes the slate clean and I get to restart my work... Continue Reading →

Baby Said – “Fight”

Do you ever feel like you are struggling to stay above water yet feel accomplished and like you're getting a lot done at the same time? It's frustrating and more than enough to make me throw in the towel for... Continue Reading →

Josh Passcde – “Vicinity”

I know I just told you in the last post that I was on a quest for whimsical and catchy tracks. That's not what "Vicinity" from Josh Passcde is but this song is hitting just as good right now so... Continue Reading →

Shakira Chinchilla – “To Us”

My quest for fun music to forget the stress building up in my inbox and my head continues. Today the goal is to find fun music that makes me forget all of the work piling up while also giving me... Continue Reading →

Mermaid – “Disassociate”

I've been grinding my teeth again this morning. Honestly, I'm not having a bad morning but have one particular client that is stressing me out. I need a moment to "Disassociate" from the work load and get my head on... Continue Reading →

Hands First – “Actor”

Happy Thursday, everyone. Not sure where this week has gone but I'm struggling to come to terms with the fact that it is already Thursday especially given all of the things I still need to get done. Thankfully, I have... Continue Reading →

Murder The Day, Ring In The Night

To say that my show choice from Tuesday to Wednesday took a completely 180 would be an understatement. Tuesday night was spent at the gorgeous Orpheum Theatre for a presentation of Aladdin: The Musical. Wednesday night was spent at the... Continue Reading →

UNWELL – “Leaves”

It has only been a couple of weeks since I shared UNWELL's "Homegrown" with you so I'm back to remind you how amazing this band is just in case you already forgot. I love the dark and almost ambient beginning... Continue Reading →

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