Girl at the Rock Shows



Those Shores Aren’t Out Of Reach

I wasn't sure what to expect from the show on Tuesday night. I had never heard of the first band and the headliner was never quite my thing but the middle act was the singer of a band that I... Continue Reading →

Loosen Up – “Miles”

I don't know what's happening here but I feel like I've noticed a lot of new songs from local Minneapolis acts that I have never heard of before. Obviously I would never claim to know every band in this scene... Continue Reading →

Wolf Fang Fist – “Fastball Special”

I love songs that waste no time in laying down the law as far as a band's sound goes. That exactly what happens when you hit play on "Fastball Special" from Wolf Fang Fist. Right off the bat, you know... Continue Reading →

Save Our Ships – “Let Us Live”

Although today has been a random music listening kind of day, it's always nice to go back to my old trusty pop-punk roots. Although I'm not ready to commit to that sound for the entire day, I am willing to... Continue Reading →

Gelatine – “Should’ve Gone Home”

It's only 8:30 AM but I can already tell I'm feeling restless when it comes to what to listen to today. Thus far, I have gone through an IDLES binge, a quick stint of Hotel Books, and have most recently... Continue Reading →

Family Dinner – “Revenge Dress”

Realizing your self-worth is something super important but also something that I feel gets lost in the hustle and bustle of this thing we call life. Thankfully, Long Beach, NY-based Family Dinner is here to remind us to take a... Continue Reading →

RISE ABOVE – “Lights”

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. I definitely did and today has been a struggle so far to say the least but I'm optimistic that it will get better and that's because of all of... Continue Reading →

Carry Me Away Into A Long Forgotten Dream

I was frantic as I left the house on Sunday night. I had checked the timing a million times during the day yet somehow read it wrong every time. I had it in my head that the doors were at... Continue Reading →

Rat Trap

"You really go to all kinds of shows, don't you?" That's what Tim from Space Monkey Mafia said to me when I ran into him at The Turf Club on Friday night and, honestly, truer words have never been spoken.... Continue Reading →

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