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Shilly – “I’m Boring”

I wasn't given any information about who Shilly is other than they are from American but one listen to "I'm Boring" is all I needed to know about this band. Infectious and oh so positive feeling, this track was just... Continue Reading →

LONG ISLAND – “average”

Indie-pop, pop-punk-- whatever you want to call it, "average" by Huddersfield, UK group LONG ISLAND is great and more than worth your attention. It hooks you instantly with a catch drum beat before the accent-heavy vocals come and and take... Continue Reading →

Awkward St8 – “St8 of Decay”

St8 of Decay is a super short song at only one minute, forty-one seconds long but holy crap this song packs a punch. It's all over the place stylistically with an almost hip-hop feeling drum and bass background with intricate... Continue Reading →

pulses. – “Run the Ghouls”

There's a Hello Kitty hidden in the artwork for pulses.'s "Run the Ghouls" single so, naturally, I was drawn to it. The first single off of puleses. upcoming third full length album (due to be out next spring) is a... Continue Reading →

Resignation – “Eddie Kingston”

I was in love the second that "Eddie Kingston" took over my speakers. It starts off with a very classic rock n' roll vibe before transferring into something just a bit more emo with the vocals. It has an OG... Continue Reading →

margins – “West Peach”

I don't like much about Texas but margins may have single handedly changed that with their new track "West Peach". Okay, this isn't super new as it came out last month but it's new to me so I think it's... Continue Reading →

Creek Violence – “Waste”

I like loud and heavy when I first wake up but all I could think about this morning was "Waste" by Creek Violence. Although not super intense and in your face, the amount of emotion that this song has is... Continue Reading →

A Cure for Love – ‘Birds, Beasts, Trees, Flowers’

A Cure for Love sent their album my way just a few days before my brother's wedding. It's been on my mind ever since but between the wedding and then trying to get caught up after said wedding, I just... Continue Reading →

DISCOΛERIES – “Cut To the Chase”

If "Cut To the Chase" from DISCOΛERIES doesn't hook you right off the bat then I don't know what's wrong with you. Right from the top you can tell how much power this track is going to have and it... Continue Reading →

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