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Milk St. – “Just Lust”

There's something painfully real about the lyrics in Milke St.'s "Just Lust" single but also something infectiously catchy about the overall track. Obviously, this made it an instant favorite of mine. With an emo sound that comes complete with imperfectly... Continue Reading →

Disinvited – “Beauty Rest”

Beauty rest is one of those things that I've never quite understood. Although I can't go on as little sleep as I used to, I still don't sleep as much as I probably should and I know that's bad. That's... Continue Reading →

demxntia x heylog – “happy”

Today has absolutely been a day for me. It's been non stop calls and responding to emails to the point where I feel like I just can't catch up but "happy" from demxntia (featuring heylog) is absolutely helping me find... Continue Reading →

Inviting Everybody But You

You had a few choices of what to do on Sunday night up here in the Twin Cities. Among others, you could have sat at home with a giant bowl of chili and watched the Vikings absolutely choke or you... Continue Reading →

When The Dreamer Dies, So Dies The Dreams

It has been about a week since I have been at a show and a little bit longer since I have posted a review. Honestly, I needed a bit of a break. Music is my life but sometimes I need... Continue Reading →

Don’t Believe That The Weather Is Perfect The Day That You Die

My Saturday day at Dual Citizen Brewing Company for their Blocktoberfest was absolutely amazing but the concert gods had more in store for me. I made it to The Fine Line just in time to catch the banger of a... Continue Reading →

Jumping Ship – ‘Good Grief’

I'm on a roll tonight and there's no stopping me so why waste any time? Let's jump right into Jumping Ship's new EP, 'Good Grief'! "Attic" kicks this EP off in a very simple yet striking way. An echoed guitar... Continue Reading →

Letters to Elise – ‘When It Meant Something’

I've been asked why I review music that has been out for years. Honestly, that's a valid question. I feel like we live in a world where everyone wants new and shiny but, to me, new is new and, if... Continue Reading →

Celebration Guns- ‘…On Aging Gracelessly’

Things are finally getting a little bit back to normal up here in Minneapolis and it is such a relief. I feel like the past week, no, month, no year has been spent with all of us holding our breaths... Continue Reading →

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