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Move Along Just To Make It Through

Although I spent the majority of my week outside of my comfort zone, Sunday night was spent in a genre that is near and dear to my heart and came with bands that have meant the world to me for... Continue Reading →

Decade & A Day – “Shrek 2 Is The Best In The Series & You Can’t Change My Mind”

Sorry, Decade & A Day-- I'm going to have to disagree with you. We all know that the OG Shrek is the best Shrek but I still love you and your track "Shrek 2 Is The Best In The Series... Continue Reading →

Midnight Kids – “Glory Daze”

It's a bright, sunny, and beautiful Sunday up here in Minneapolis. This means I'm in the mood for some bright and poppy pop-punk which is exactly what you get from "Glory Daze" from Midnight Kids. Seriously, this is pop-punk perfection.... Continue Reading →

Holloway – “crush”

I spent all day on Wednesday thinking it was Tuesday so now that today is Thursday, well, I'm just feeling a little off and a wee bit confused but that's okay because I have some amazing new music to help... Continue Reading →

You’re Either Dying Or You’re Playing Either Way I’m In The Conversation

I have a love/hate relationship with all ages show. I love how all ages means I will be home fairly early in the night compared to most nights meaning I can at least attempt to get a normal amount of... Continue Reading →

Is That A Noose Dressed Like A Necklace?

This week has been one of those nostalgia-perfect kind of weeks. With Finch on Wednesday and Blink 182 on Thursday, honestly, my week was already made but I had one more show to go to on Saturday and, although not... Continue Reading →

Carpet Ride – “Call Me Calamity”

Happy Thursday, everyone! Let's kick today off with a daily dose of pop-punk perfection. What do you think? Today's choice is "Call Me Calamity" from Carpet Ride. New Jersey-based Carpet Ride knows their roots. "Call Me Calamity" definitely has an... Continue Reading →

All To Get Her – “Dead and Gone”

Happy Tuesday, everyone! This is a slow week for me when it comes to shows but that doesn't mean it's a slow week when it comes to amazing music to share with you so let's kick today off with "Dead... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Thxrnhill

"Moving On (I'm Done)" from Thxrnhill comes off as an instant classic-- there's something unique and unfamiliar about the song but also something super traditional and comforting about the song. From a mystery phone call playing throughout the song to... Continue Reading →

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