The influences that I heard in Left of the Slash’s new single “Two Minds One Head” absolutely had me with so many unanswered questions. You can hear everything from a classic indie-rock sound to a very grungey psychedleic vibe. Their sound is all over the place and I just wanted to know a bit more about the mind behind this truly unique sound so I decided it would be best to interview the mastermind behind Left of the Slash and ask him next to nothing about the music. Thankfully, he was a good sport so check out my full interview with the wonderful Stephen Nemeroff of Left of the Slash below and make sure to check out their new single “Two Minds One Head” (don’t worry, I’ll put the link below for you to check out)!

Everyone says that every crowd is their favorite but, what city has the best audience and why is it Minneapolis?

Easy one to answer, New York City. It doesn’t even come close. (I’ve only been to the airport in Minneapolis when I was a kid so can’t speak to this one)

What’s your favorite menu item at Taco Bell?  

Hard shell taco with only beef and cheese in it with lots of hot sauce

What’s a new hobby you have taken up during quarantine?

Cooking. I now consider myself a master chef. Other people, probably not as much.

Did Matt Skiba help or hurt Blink 182? Or, if you have no opinion, that’s fine too (although I’ll absolutely be judging you)!  

To be honest, I’m not a big enough Blink 182 fan to really have an opinion here.

What’s your favorite method of listening to music (i.e. vinyl, cassette, 8-track, etc.)

The right answer here is vinyl but the real answer is digital. I listen and study so many different genres, that I love being able to listen to everything from Sabbath to Eric B and Rakim to Tool to Jeff Beck etc. depending on my mood. Digital is also much more conducive to my personality of being all over the place.

Favorite lyrics of all time?

Well my favorite lyrics, song, band and Album of all time is Dogs by Pink Floyd off of Animals. I actually wrote a paper on it at once and attached burned a CD attached to the submission. It’s hard to pinpoint the favorite part but I guess “And when you lose control, you’ll reap the harvest you have sown
And as the fear grows, the bad blood slows and turns to stone
And it’s too late to lose the weight you used to need to throw around
So have a good drown, as you go down, all alone
Dragged down by the stone” 

I don’t think anyone will ever write a better song.

What’s your go-to pick-up line or a pick-up line that has worked for you? 

Walking up to a table of girls at a restaurant, pretending to be the manager and asking them “Are you enjoying your meal?” My wife Ashley helped me with this question.

If you were to rob a bank, what would be the song playing in the getaway car as you escape?  

This is a great fucking question. I’ve always thought about if I was to go out guns blazing it would probably “Never Been Any Reason” by Head East. “Saved my life going down for the last time.” That always gets me.

What’s one thing I should know before listening to “Two Minds One Head”?

It’s a story about living with multiple personalities, trying to be normal and then accepting this is always going to be the way it is, so you live your life knowing this I the way it is.

Sure, the interview was short and sweet but I absolutely loved getting to know Stephen Nemeroff a little bit more through the quirky questions.

“Two Minds One Head” is a powerful track and absolutely deserves your attention! Check it out HERE:

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