Girl at the Rock Shows



Matyrker – ‘Momentum’

My eyes lit up when I saw an email come through from a familiar name. There's just something so awesome about seeing a name from your past pop back up and realizing that that human is still doing what they... Continue Reading →

I’ll Love You Every Day Till I Die

I was super intrigued by the bluegrass scene after spending my Thursday night with Kitchen Dweller and Armchair Boogie. Although the music wasn't something I would listen to on a normal basis, I loved the feeling I got from being... Continue Reading →

Come On Take Me Away

So an alien, a pickle, and a hotdog step onto the stage at The 7th Street Entry. No, this is not the beginning of a joke, rather the beginning of my Saturday night spent with Porky's Groove Machine and LowDown... Continue Reading →

Bayline – ‘I CHOOSE LOVE’

It's one of those nights where I just want to sit at home and listen to some new music. Unfortunately, I have a show here in a couple of hours. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm excited for yet... Continue Reading →

We Could Walk Away

Just the other day I spent almost an entire article talking about how amazing the local music scene is but I completely neglected to talk to you about how amazing the crowd here in the Twin Cities is. I mean,... Continue Reading →

Transistors – “High Hopes”

Today just got a little weird with some things happening at my day job. It has me distracted on a day when I had been doing so good getting all of my stuff done. I allowed myself to drift away... Continue Reading →

NLM – “Dying Inside (Without You)”

For Fans Of: The Golden Age of Pop-Punk I've come to terms with the fact that I will never be fully caught up on work. It's taken me nearly twenty years but I feel like this week is the first... Continue Reading →

The Marvelous Acceptance – “Annabelle”

For Fans Of: The Spill Canvas; Atmospheric Pop-Punk; Emotional Vocals I have nothing witty right now and I'm sorry but I really don't need a super creative intro when it comes to "Annabelle" from The Marvelous Acceptance. This track and... Continue Reading →

Dead Stilettos – “Drive”

For Fans Of: IDLES, Viagra Boys Happy Thursday, everyone! We are almost to the weekend and, I don't know about you, but I'm ready for it. I'm not sure why but this week seems to be dragging while also flying... Continue Reading →

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