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Have Fun! – “Hangover Clothes”

Have Fun! just released the first single off of their upcoming EP 'Or Else' and if it doesn't hook you and get you excited for the EP, I don't know what will. "Hangover Clothes" is a powerful and anthemic track... Continue Reading →

The Peregrine Dives – ‘Crossroads & Ghosts’

I had high hopes for today. I really did. I was going to get caught up on things, even get ahead on a few of them. But then the dryer repair took longer and way more of my bank account... Continue Reading →

F Markiser – “Poor Boy”

I was so optimistic about today but after a small work drama, my internet going out for the past hour, and just feeling a bit like crap, my optimism is wearing thin. Thank goodness for new music like "Poor Boy"... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let The Days Go By

Bush was never really my band-- I won't try and hide that. Sure, I knew their hits and obviously, I know who Gavin Rossdale is but that's about where my knowledge of Bush stops and ends. Even with that being... Continue Reading →

Phil the Band – “The Wayside”

I reviewed Phil the Band's album 'Phoenix Sun' awhile back (you can read that article HERE!), I have shouted out some of their singles before and have added their songs to my playlists that you can listen to HERE. In... Continue Reading →

Tide of Echo – “Majestic Zoo”

"Majestic Zoo" from Tide of Echo is all over the place stylistically and I am so here for it. When the song starts off, it starts off slow, steady, and beautiful but, in no time, it ramps up into something... Continue Reading →

Bloodsuckers Ball

Friday night's show was super chill. Gregory Alan Isakov had me lost in a dream world with his calming music and it was truly beautiful but it definitely wasn't my normal kind of show. Saturday was definitely more my speed.... Continue Reading →

Let’s Put All These Words Away

The lines to get into The Palace Theatre on Friday night were longer than I've ever seen them. That made my heart so full. I have been a huge fan of South African born Gregory Alan Isakov for years and... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Finn of Left Iris

There's this very serious vibe surrounding Left Iris' debut single "New Room". That's not at all a bad thing but more just something a bit new to me and I'd be lying if I said that this song was love... Continue Reading →

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