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Project Revise – “Free Fall”

My day isn't getting any better but I am trying to keep a positive attitude and "Free Fall" from Project Revise is hitting the spot because of that. "Free Fall" is one of those tracks that, as soon as it... Continue Reading →

Honey Spider – “Losing Daylight”

I used to stay up until 6 AM on the regular. I had no reason for doing it other than I honestly liked the challenge and truly just don't sleep as much as I probably should. Now that I'm older,... Continue Reading →

The Snouts – “Fang An”

Happy Thursday, everyone! I'm stoked that it's so close to the weekend but, at the same time, am stressed trying to get everything done while continuing to play catch up from my weekend at Riot Fest. One thing that has... Continue Reading →

RISE ABOVE – “Tides”

"Tides" from RISE ABOVE is yet another example of a song that is far from new but is still more than worthy of your time today. "Tides" came out back in 2016 and was clearly a bit before its time.... Continue Reading →

Dagwood – “Everything Turned Out Alright”

Do you ever hear a song and it just instantly makes you smile and have a more positive outlook on life? That's exactly what happened the first time I heard "Everything Turned Out Alright". It goes without saying, life is... Continue Reading →

Midnight Siren – “I Wanna”

I've had some people ask me why I share songs out that are super old. The answer is simple-- if it's new to me, it's new to some of you and, regardless of age, I like to share good music.... Continue Reading →

Harker – “Medicine”

Taking a little vacation is great-- until you have to come back to the real world. I'm frustrated, stressed, and honestly just over trying to play catch up but I can't give up or give in. I have to keep... Continue Reading →

The Sleeping – “No Light”

I tend to get super nostalgic when it comes to my daily playlist around Riot Fest time. Maybe it's just the fact that going to a festival like Riot year after year is something my younger self only ever dreamed... Continue Reading →


My head is everywhere except at work today which is a problem. I have too much to do before this weekend to spend the day distracted so I need something to reel me back in. Here's to hoping "EMERALD INFECTION"... Continue Reading →

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