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Keeper- ‘Guess I’m Keeper’

It's definitely a Monday. It's not even 8 PM and I'm already dragging. I need something to lift me up and get me in the mood to finish this day out strong. Will Keeper's EP 'Guess I'm Keeper' be the... Continue Reading →

Daddies – ‘EP II’

I'm starting to fade over here. It's early but it's also Monday so I'm not going to beat myself up for going to bed fairly early but I do want to check out one more release before I turn in... Continue Reading →

Tuff Sudz- ‘Soap Eater’

There was an infectious retro vibe about the one song I heard from Tuff Sudz a couple of days ago and it has stuck with me so why not check out their brand new four-song EP?! "Bag The Money" was... Continue Reading →

Mylo Bybee- ‘EP’

I won't lie, I'm fading fast over here. It has been a Monday like no other Monday and I'm ready for bed but I also think I have one more review in me and I have been intrigued by Mylo... Continue Reading →

7-11 Jesus- ‘Tree Dream’

What happens when the pandemic cancels your studio time? You borrow some gear, set it up in your garage, record some tracks on your own, and hope for the best. At least that's what 7-11 Jesus did and I can't... Continue Reading →

State Drugs – ‘Live, Laugh, Love.’

It felt like spring outside today. I feel like that first smell of spring just always gives you a bump in energy and a bump in motivation. That's exactly what I'm feeling right now so let's not waste a minute... Continue Reading →

Josh Fudge- ‘Fun Times’

A couple of days ago I heard a track from Josh Fudge. I knew nothing about him before listening to this track but I instantly fell in love. It was dancey, it was upbeat, it was positive, it was cute,... Continue Reading →

Average Joe- ‘Take It Or Leave It’

I have a million things to do today like usual I have the day off from my day job so I really have no excuse to not get my ever-growing to-do list done but I'm just not in the mood... Continue Reading →

Ty Trehern- ‘Dear Dichotomy’

I feel like today was super productive. From waking up and doing a spin class in my basement to replacing a lightbulb in my garage and getting caught up on all of my dishes all after I made dinner-- I... Continue Reading →

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