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Playing Dead – “Wherever You Are Tonight”

The energy I get from Playing Dead's song "Wherever You Are Tonight" is exactly what I needed today. It's poppy, it's punky, it's infectious-- it's absolutely perfect. This song kicks off with an almost old-timey radio sound before clearing up... Continue Reading →

Jake Kulak & The Modern Vandals – “Caution Tape”

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's kind of a gloomy and dark day up here in Minneapolis today but "Caution Tape" from Jake Kulak & The Modern Vandals has my house feeling bright and full of life. This song is the perfect... Continue Reading →

MARS51 – “There’s Something”

What can I say, there's something about "There's Something" from MARS51. See what I did there? All joking aside, this three and a half minute song from Canada based MARS51 is powerful and solid. Although stylistically there's something nostalgic and... Continue Reading →

Curves – “Perpendicular”

There's something whimsical about "Perpendicular" from Curves that is just hitting all of the right spots this morning. The song starts off slow and calm before getting into the meat of the track and then fading off at the end... Continue Reading →

Sad Plant – “N.A.T.S.”

To say that the plants in my house are sad would be an understatement. Honestly, I woke up and couldn't find my sole surviving airplant. I'm assuming the kitten got it and hid it but that's neither here nor there.... Continue Reading →

Outatime! – “Lost Boys”

My phone has been ringing and buzzing all morning and it's honestly a bit overwhelming. I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed and in need for some new music to help me just chill out for a couple of minutes. Well,... Continue Reading →

Phil the Band – “The Wayside”

I reviewed Phil the Band's album 'Phoenix Sun' awhile back (you can read that article HERE!), I have shouted out some of their singles before and have added their songs to my playlists that you can listen to HERE. In... Continue Reading →

as it was – “Spilling”

I'm behind on work after having to spend the morning at the vet Artie-- my OG cat. He's surprisingly doing okay but just fighting off a nasty eye infection that has jumped from one eye to the other. I'm so... Continue Reading →

Trash Fiasco – “Bastard From A Basket”

I mean, the name of this band says all that you need to know-- well, kind of. Trash Fiasco is a trio from Chicago and I feel like their new single "Bastard From A Basket" is a perfect showcase of... Continue Reading →

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