I never understood the obsession. It wasn’t that I hated them, I just never got into them like some of my high school friends. I couldn’t understand the hype. I’d listen to the music and just want to fall asleep.

After last night, I get it.

Dave Matthews Band was jaw dropping, eye opening, amazing, everything my friends used to tell me but I didn’t want to believe them. That was a huge mistake.

Dave and the other members of his band killed it. Note after note, word after word, song after song.

I was mesmerized. I couldn’t stop watching them. I wanted to turn away, go grab a beer, but I couldn’t. I was stuck, I was in awe, I was shocked. There was no moshing.  There were no fights, no kicks, no punches, just a bunch of happy people enjoying, what proved to be, an absolutely amazing show.

I didn’t know many of the words. Hell, I didn’t know many of the songs, but I enjoyed the show nonetheless.

The sheer talent on stage was immeasurable. The musicianship, stamina, everything was just… it left me speechless.

I’ve seen a million drummers have drumsticks fly out of their hands. Majority of them stumble through a beat or two and get back on. Not Dave’s drummer, no… a stick flew out of his hand but he was back on it without missing a beat and blowing bubble gum the whole way through.

Everyone looked genuinely ecstatic to be playing. That’s what I love. I love watching performers that look like they’re happy with what they’re doing. I don’t want to watch you up on stage frowning and looking bored. Show me those pearly whites and smile a little… or a lot like the violinist did.

There was nothing too exciting about this show. There was not much movement in the crowd, no drama, no anything really. I couldn’t sing along to the songs, I couldn’t even hum along to them. I have no emotions invested into this band. I remember my mom listening to them a lot growing up but I never obsessed over them. I would never get a Dave Matthews Band tattoo. I would never quit my job and follow them on the road. That being said, this show was amazing and surreal. Why? I have no clue. I honestly don’t know why this show was so amazing to me.

I’ve been to hundreds, if not thousands, of concerts in my life. This one is definitely in my top 20 (which is really saying something).

Now I find myself looking up tickets to go see Dave Matthews Band in three weeks out at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin. Dear Dave Matthews, you have created a monster. Dear mom and dad, please send money!

Line Up:

Dave Matthews Band

Venue: Xcel Energy Center

Sausage Fest Meter- 1 out of 10

Crowd Surfers- 0

Broken Bones- None

Drunkards Taken Out By Security- None

Found in the Pit- There was no pit

Spotted Flying Through the Air- 1 beach ball, a handful of glow sticks