There is a phenomenon that is sweeping the younger generations. Call it emo-rap, mumble rap, call it whatever you want and bash it all you want but it’s clearly a phase that is going to last awhile. I’m too old to understand and am not sold on the sound of these young rappers but a lot of people are so I keep going back to their shows to try and figure it all out. I’ve seen Lil’ Peep (RIP), Lil’ Pump– basically the entire Lil’ family– but last night was my first time seeing Lil’ Xan and although I knew what I was going to get, I was still exciting to watch the hysteria unfold around me.

My friend and I were a little late getting into the show due to the early start time and the longer than usual entrance line. As we made our way to the front, he and I were some of the few to get a wristband for drinking purposes. It would be an understatement for me to call the crowd young– they were babies. The conversations swirling around us while waiting in the line in the bitter winter air seemed to revolve around the amount of “syrup” they were on and their Olive Garden lunch the other day with the super hot waiter. Okay, yes, I was annoyed and breathed a sign of relief as my friend and I got in, pushed our way through the sold out crowd and found ourselves in an empty corner of The Cabooze.

Once my glasses un-fogged and we got settled into our corner of solitude, I looked at the stage and realized the show was already going full-force. The young crowd was screeching along to every word of every song that the DJ was pumping through the speakers. It was honestly as if they were watching an actual performer, not just a computer and a guy hitting the space bar but I digress. Each song was just as unrecognizable as the last to me but apparently I was the only one in that boat and watched in awe as the crowd went apeshit every time the song would switch. After a couple of ‘bangers’ (as the kids call them), a couple familiar faces came up on stage.

FREEWIFI is a bit of a local super-group featuring J. Plaza, Tha Rift, and Daddy Dinero behind the microphones. Their energy and vibe was electric and seemed to amp up the already rowdy crowd. That being said, pretty sure these guys only played two songs, if not only one, so there’s really nothing more I can say here.

After a couple more ‘bangers’ from the DJ, it was time for $teven Cannon to take the stage. Unfortunately, I know very little about this Steven character and there isn’t much online but I can tell you that the crowd knew exactly who he was and the screeching was painful to my ears when the Steven (or $teven) took the stage. From what I heard in the crowd, it sounds like $teven is the guy who found Lil Xan and is part of the “Xanarchy” group (we can discuss all this ‘Xan’ stuff in a minute). I was honestly impressed that so many of the audience members were so into $C’s music especially when it was clear they were all at the show for Lil’ Xan. It proved to me that, although I still don’t think majority of this crowd knows a thing about good music, they have respect for the “backstage” people when it comes to some of their favorite acts.

After a few more songs from $C and the DJ, movement on stage started to get a bit more frantic and the anticipation in the air seemed to break. The screams went from ear-piercing to deafening as an entire crew took the stage and Lil Xan appeared from the middle in all of his glory. Now, I’m 28 years old so this petite 21 year old with terrible facial tattoos did nothing to excite me but, again, I’m old. The crowd went nuts and Lil Xan wasted no time jumping into what would turn into an extensive 30 minute set. I watched in awe as the mostly female crowd pushed so hard that they broke down the barriers that separated the audience from the stage. Within just a song or two there were girls practically standing on stage. As if that didn’t obstruct your view enough, they all had cell phones out and ready for that perfect picture of the lil’ guy.

If you aren’t keeping up with the kids these days, maybe now’s a good time for me to tell you — Xan would be short for Xanax. So we were at a Lil’ Xan show and his tag line/ group/posse/ whatever you want to call it is ‘Xanarchy’ but before you jump to any conclusions– he’s anti-Xanax. Don’t make me explain this to you because I truly can’t but Diego (aka Lil’ Xan) has made multiple statements that he is anti Xanax– a drug that has killed many people in this whole ‘sad rap’ scene most notably Lil’ Peep. I can’t help but wonder how anti-Xan he is when all of his merchandise reads ‘Xanarchy’ but I mean with lyrics like “I don’t pop fucking Xans, I might pop a Norco” I guess he’s trying?

I grew up listening to Slipknot and Marilyn Manson. Sure, it was extreme and maybe not exactly age appropriate but at least their lyrics weren’t (and I quote Lil’ Xan’s hit song ‘Slingshot’ here)- “…Ayy Fuck that bitch Fuck that bitch Fuck that bitch like yuhh Fuck that bitch Fuck that bitch Fuck that bitch like whaa Yeah out the booth…” but I digress. Between the scantily clad girls and the vulgar lyrics, my intrigue surrounding this Lil’ Xan kid went away and it was pure disgust by the end. I will give him credit for knowing his audience and being younger than me and having more money that I will ever see in my life but I just don’t get it. His music is brash and all he did on stage was walk from side to side making different groups of girls shriek with delight.

Last night’s show went exactly how I thought it would go and as fun as it was to watch the hysteria unfold around me, I felt a sense of sadness for the state of the music scene these days. To me, this whole genre a joke but- to each their own and, with some of the weird shit I listen to, I’m not one to judge.

Just like my dad always says– He’s great at what he does, I just don’t like what he does.

Line Up:


$teven Cannon

Lil Xan

Venue: Cabooze

Sausage Fest Meter- -5 out of 10

Average Age of the Crowd- 7

Crowd Surfers- 0

Stage Divers-  0

Broken Bones- 0

Spotted Flying Through The Air- Skittles (apparently that’s Xan’s Schtick

Fights- 0

Pukers- 0

Drunkards Taken Out By Security- 2

Celebrity Sightings- None

Overall Score- 1 out of 10 (only because of the entertainment of watching the crowd)

Show on Deck- Nothing More/ The Contortionist/ Big Story/ Kirra