I don’t know how this week is going for you, but for me it is dragging like no other week has dragged on before. Maybe it’s because of an impending date that I’m super excited for this weekend or maybe it’s just the stress of living through a pandemic finally getting to me. Regardless, my friends and I came to the conclusion that it should definitely be at least Thursday by now, not just Tuesday. I needed something to help me get through the next couple of days and there’s nothing that can do that for me like some new tunes so I decided to turn on Common Sage’s new album ‘Might As Well Eat The Chicken, We Won’t Be Here In The Morning” (yes, that’s the actual album title).

This quick six song album kicks off with the introductory track “Part I (Original)”. The song title did about as much for me as far as trying to figure out what this band is about as the full 39 seconds of this track but it definitely had me intrigued. I instantly had names like Brand New, The Hotelier and Modern Baseball floating through my head as this track played through and prepped me for the other five tracks to come.

“Wraparound Background” instantly gave me what I knew I wanted. This track is anthemic and all things pop-punk and nostalgic that I love. The vocals were that perfect mix of whiny, angsty and full of emotion yet not being over the top. The slow and steady beat keeps this track feeling refined. It’s the type of track that instantly had my head nodding along to the beat. Although there’s something a bit rough around the edges with the vocals as far as how they fit with the instrumentation, it’s something that I really hope continues to last throughout this quick album because it truly sets Common Sage apart from the million and twelve bands trying to do this sound right now. At over five minutes, this is a lengthy track but the rises and falls throughout it keep it moving and from feeling like it’s dragging on. The track ends suddenly before moving onto another quick (like 40 seconds quick) palate cleanser.

Although “Part I (A Rearrangement)” (the palate cleanser) has some interesting aspects to it, it’s really too quick to get into but it led perfectly into “Saw Daddy”. This track was an instant favorite of mine. There’s a sense of aggression while this song still stays in the vein of bands like Graduating Life and Retirement Party. It’s that perfect amount of nostalgia mixed with something a bit more mature than what I was listening back when I was an angsty teenager. Common Sage seriously nails it with this song and I’m a bit lost for words when it comes to describing why I say that. All I can tell you is listen to this track first if you are on the fence about checking this group out. It will have you sold if you ever had an emo phase that you refuse to completely give up.

After another quick palate cleanser (“Part I (Continued)”), it was time for “Wet Grass”. This one instantly gave me the slow and somber vibes of Brand New and other bands in that vein. This track is beautifully heartbreaking. You can feel the ache in the vocals while the instrumentation takes a bit of a backseat when it comes to the driving beat and raging guitars. There’s a slight echo to the vocals that just adds a tint of eeriness which perfectly caps off this stunning track. “Wet Grass” gains momentum before clearing the air and fading off in the perfect way.

I was honestly bummed as this track ended and “Part I (Original” took over my house again because I realized that “Wet Grass” was the last track on this quick album and I wanted so much more.

Common Sage is officially on my radar and this album is officially on my current obsessions list.

My Favorite Track(s): “Saw Daddy”

For Fans Of: Nostalgia; Palate Cleansers; Good Music

Dance-ability: 3.1 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Artie chased the Roomba around; Autumn meowed at the birds outside completely unphased by the fact that I was freaking blaring this album as loud as I could

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 9.8 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 9.2 out of 10

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