Well, if the album title is any suggestion as to what this album from Saucer Eyes may be like, I’m expecting something full of emotion, confusion, and rawness. In all honesty, 2020 has been terrible. The loss of live music not only affected my day to day by taking away my nightly concerts but it also took away one of my jobs which is that of a booking agent that books tours across the country. If I could close my eyes and wake up once we are past this whole mess, I would but the fact is that I can’t. None of us can. So I’ve found myself diving into new music hoping it will help fill this giant hole that this mess has left me with. I was hoping that this album may help fill that hole if only for four songs worth of time.

“Haze” kicks off with a, wait for it, hazey sound before blasting into a track full of power and an almost inner reflection moment for myself. There’s something about the tone and progression of this track that just makes you sit back and reflect on whatever it is that you want to reflect on. The vocals are there and the words are beautiful but what’s more beautiful is the way those words fold into the rest of the powerful instrumentation. Instead of the lyrics being the icing on the cake, the lyrics become part of the beautiful soundscape that this track has.

The almost mesmerizing sound of “Haze” is replaced by a sense of power as “Down/Around” takes over. There’s something a bit more hopeful and optimistic feeling about this track but it’s still just as atmospheric and full of layers as the opening track. The distorted guitars contrast the sing-song lyrics that come to the forefront in this track in the most perfect way. This was an instant favorite track of mine and a song that I feel really gives you a taste of what Saucer Eyes is capable of.

“Slipping” seems to cut the difference between the first two tracks. You can hear elements from both previous songs while the band brings in even more themes including a dissonant guitar sound that is oddly calming. This is one of those tracks where you just get lost in the movement of the notes and the almost atmospheric-ness of the song. I’m ot a fan of using the word “dreamy” to describe a band because I feel like it gives the person reading that description the idea that the band is boring but I will say that these guys are “energetically dreamy”. Their music is powerful and full of energy but absolutely has dreamlike qualities to it all the way from the vocals to the instrumentation.

Closing out this quick four song release is “Jagged” which drops some of the dreamy vibe and replaces it with just heavy hitting alt-rock throughout the track. This was another favorite mine just due to how you can hear elements that came to fruition throughout the previous three songs mixed up all together like a giant melting pot. Cliche, yes, but I really have no other way to explain it. What I can say is that this track got a few listens before I went back to “Haze” and started listening to this album over again.

2020 has been a crap year for everyone. I think that can be said for everyone regardless of how optimistic you try to be. Even with how crazy, weird and bad things have been, I find bright spots in the many albums I’ve gotten to review over the past couple of months and the many bands I’ve been introduced through this journey. Saucer Eyes is absolutely one of those bands that is helping keep me optimistic throughout this year we call 2020.

My Favorite Track(s): “Down/Around”; “Jagged”

For Fans Of: Dreamy-ness; Atmospheric alt-rock; Distortion

Daydream-ability: 9.3 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It:  Artie laid right under my feet; Autumn laid on the back of the couch

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 7.1 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 7.6 out of 10

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