I love looking at album covers and guessing at what I’m going to get. When I look at the cover of Young, Planetary’s ‘Locations I Can’t Place’ I get an almost disaster type vibe. I was expecting something highly emotional and painfully heartbreaking. Although I’m not sure that that’s what I was in the mood for tonight, I hit play and let the album take over my house and what I got was nowhere near what I was thinking but it was exactly what I needed.

The album kicks off with an undeniable sense of power in “Villain”. The track starts off super hard before the vocals come in and instantly change the vibe from an almost hardcore track to a more emo infused powerhouse of a sound. Throughout this opening track, I got a little bit of everything that I love. Power and screaming along with a sense of tenderness and emotion. Where has this band been all of my life? I was in love and I was only half way through the first track that I had confessed my love for this band to my cat who sat right next to my computer.

“Bones” has lyrics that absolutely speak to me “I have a tendency to ruin everything…” yes, emo as all get out but also the type of lyrics that I feel like a lot of people can relate to in a very raw and painful way. The energy of this track instantly gave me Senses Fail vibes. There’s something a bit old school about Young, Planetary’s sound but it’s also refreshing and doesn’t just sound like something being rehashed. They absolutely have their would vibe but you can hear nods to bands gone by loud and clear. Unfortunately, if you weren’t a huge fan of the emo/screamo back in the early 2000’s, I’m not quite sure that you will love this album. Good thing for me, I would go back to those years in a heartbeat if given the chances and it really seems like this album is my chance.

My favorite track on this quick six song release is “Stung”. From the words to the instrumentation, this song is just absolutely perfect. This song instantly reminded me of Boys Night Out who has recently taken back over my daily playlist after spending a couple of years collecting dust. I don’t want to ruin this song in any way for you because if I had to pick one song out for you to listen to in order to get the vibe of this band, it would be “Stung”.

“Dig” keeps with that Boys Night Out vibe laid out in “Stung” but takes it to a whole other level. There’s something simplistically complicated about Young, Planetary’s song structures. Although all parts of their tracks are familiar, the way they are woven together is truly genius and is something that keeps this group from falling into any trap or any box. That can also be heard on “Discarded”. This is one of the more delicate tracks on the album but it carries the same energy and weight that “Dig” had which is actually a pretty stunning feat. It also just goes to show that the members of Young, Planetary are true to themselves, their sounds, and their influences creating a solid sound that nobody will ever be able to reproduce.

Closing out this six song EP was another favorite track of mine, “Separate Rides Home”. This track had the most optimistic feel to it out of all of the tracks and that made it a fun track for this journey to end on. Kicking off with a group “WOO!” before riding the rollercoaster that is the emotion of this band, this track has it all and made me excited and anxious to start this EP all over and go on this ‘Locations I Can’t Place’ journey again.

I feel like I spend the majority of my days looking for bands like Young, Planetary. Their sound gives you throwback vibes while reminding you that there is a world of new music that needs to be explored and you are not stuck listening to nonstop Chiodos, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, and Boys Night Out day in and day out. Thank you Young, Planetary!

My Favorite Track(s): “Stung”; “Separate Rdes Homes”

For Fans Of: Nostalgia; Emo/Screamo from the early 2000’s; Being raw with emotion

Mosh-ability: 8.7 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Artie sat right next to my computer; Autumn stalked around my kitchen table for some reason

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 9.2 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 8.2 out of 10

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