I get excited about new music a lot but I feel like I’ve been extra excited about the debut album from LonelyTwin that is due out this summer. Sadly, summer is still a bit away and I just wanted to know so much more about this amazing Stockholm-based musician. At face value, LonelyTwin (Madelene Eliasson) is an amazing indie-pop singer/songwriter but, once you start really listening to her music, you realize the depth of her beat and words and it had me sold. I figured it would be fun to ask LonelyTwin some questions while I patiently await her debut album so here goes:

What’s a new hobby you have taken up during quarantine? If no hobby, is there a random TV show that you binged/ have a very strong opinion on?

Not a lot of new hobbies unfortunately but many plans of new hobbies If that counts?? Maybe that’s a new hobby haha! But I have started drawing a bit. Like silly doodles and stuff. Also, I’ve re-watched all of Fhe Office like three times. Total comfort watching in these crazy times!  

What’s your go-to coffee order?

Cappuccino with oat milk

What’s the most awkward date you’ve ever been on?  

My first ever tinder date was so awkward! This was back when I still thought I was into men and I had a date with a guy and he just talked about wine and poetry and himself haha! I just went along with it and pretended like I thought it was interesting so he thought we hit it off great!! But never saw him again after that

What’s your favorite pizza topping(s)?

I believe you can’t go wrong with the basics if it’s good pizza so I would have to say Margherita!

If you could compare yourself to an animal, what would it be and why?

I’m totally a dog haha! I believe they’re my spirit animal. Many people have actually said this to me on different occasions when this question comes up that I’d be a dog. I’m not totally sure why but I think it could because I’m a pretty chill person, I love people and I love to relax. Happy if I just get a pat on the head and a treat.

Are you okay with unconventional interview questions? (too late!)

Yeah, I think they’re fun!!

Have you ever been able to finish a Rubik’s Cube?  

No! Even though I have one in my studio… I have watched a documentary about Rubik’s Cubes though on Netflix and that was time well spent. One day I wanna get into it and learn how to do it, It’s fucking impressive.

Did Matt Skiba help or hurt Blink 182? Or, if you have no opinion, that’s fine too (although I’ll absolutely be judging you)!

Love Blink 182 but I have a very Swedish relationship with them where I just had a couple of songs on my iPod that my sister downloaded (all bangers) but I know pretty much nothing about them. So I’m sorry but I can’t answer this question… But ask me about ABBA and I have opinions!

Favorite lyrics of all time?
I love this one lyric from a Belle And Sebastian song that goes ”If I could have a second skin I’d probably dress up in you”. They always have a way of writing lyrics that I love! Like that line is so weird and funny and also really romantic?

Favorite method of listening to music (i.e. vinyl, cassette, 8-track, etc.)?

Right from my phone on a night walk cause I’m a basic bitch!

If you were to rob a bank, what would be the song playing in the getaway car as you escape?
“I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan! You can never go wrong with that song it gets me fired up every time!

What’s one thing I should know before listening to “If I Know Myself”?

I think that the lyrics are pretty straightforward about what it’s about but I guess just knowing that the song came from such an honest place and that it’s really special to me. <3

Although I wish I could follow up with some more questions about ABBA, I feel like none of you guys would really enjoy LonelyTwin and I geeking out about their genius so, instead, here’s a sample of what to expect from LonelyTwin’s upcoming album! Make sure to sit back, relax and enjoy “If I Know Myself” and make sure to follow LonelyTwin on social media so you don’t miss any amazing singles that might pop up before the album comes out!

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