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oldolibo – “Haberdashery”

It's Monday. For better, or for worse, we've made it and I know it's cliche but today is a particularly Monday-y feeling Monday. Thankfully, I have "Haberdashery" from oldolibo to help scare away those Monday blues. "Haberdashery" is the debut... Continue Reading →

Midnight Kids – “Glory Daze”

It's a bright, sunny, and beautiful Sunday up here in Minneapolis. This means I'm in the mood for some bright and poppy pop-punk which is exactly what you get from "Glory Daze" from Midnight Kids. Seriously, this is pop-punk perfection.... Continue Reading →

Sonoa – “Haze”

I'm honestly still recovering from the Shania Twain show I was at last night. It was an absolutely spectacular show and it has me feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world but it also has me feeling a... Continue Reading →

Ritual Club – “Running Low”

I am absolutely running low on energy right now so I felt like it was only fitting to share "Running Low" from Austin, Texas based Ritual Club. Although the song is titled "Running Low" and the beginning of the track... Continue Reading →

Casual Drag – “Out Of Sight”

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope your week is going well! Whether it's going super amazingly or if you need a little boost, "Out of Sight" from Casual Drag is absolutely worth your attention today. The Scottish trio has a very... Continue Reading →

Mononegatives – “Television Funeral”

Where in the heck has the day gone? I wanted to check out so much new music but I'm just now taking a breather to check out a second new track of the day. I'm disappointed in the fact that... Continue Reading →

North of 64 – “Letting Go”

I am a ball of anxiety today. My kitten (Dr. Alfie Stray Boiiii Stink Butt) is at the vet to get fixed today and that has me worried. I know it's a routine procedure but you just never know so... Continue Reading →

Superdime – “Big Tooth”

I love songs that are all over the place stylistically. Maybe it's because of my ADHD or just my love for all kinds of music. Regardless, "Big Tooth" from Superdime really struck me due to the blend of genres. This... Continue Reading →

Manners – “Cliff Main Whip-Its (The Night I cried To Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay)”

You know me and my obsession with obnoxious song titles so it's no surprise that I am sharing "Cliff Main Whip-Its (The Night I cried To Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay)" from Manners. I mean, just look at... Continue Reading →

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