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PsyOp- “Scumlord”

I don't know what the sound clip that kicks off "Scumlord" from PsyOp comes from but it absolutely caught my attention and, as the song kicked into gear, I fell in love with PsyOp's intense sound. A controlled chaos with... Continue Reading →

HEARTS APART – “Still Burn”

HEARTS APART has a new EP due out at the end of April of this year and to say I am anxious about hearing the full EP after hearing "Still Burn" would be an understatement. "Still Burn" starts off with... Continue Reading →

Just Super – “Everything is Alright (Motion City Soundtrack Cover)”

I am not a huge fan of covers but the second I hear Just Super's cover of "Everything Is Alright" from Motion City Soundtrack, I knew this would be an exception to the rule for me. Okay, maybe I'm a... Continue Reading →

subtle – “Comfort Place”

I know I'm a bit late to the party when it comes to sharing this song out but "Comfort Place" by subtle is seriously great and is surely to be new to some of you so it's still more than... Continue Reading →

Fuckleberry Hinn – “Stone Cold”

I'll be honest, I knew I was going to do a little post about "Stone Cold" purely due to the name of the band. I mean, come on, tell me seeing "Fuckleberry Hinn" didn't make you chuckle ever so slightly.... Continue Reading →

as it was – “Spilling”

I'm behind on work after having to spend the morning at the vet Artie-- my OG cat. He's surprisingly doing okay but just fighting off a nasty eye infection that has jumped from one eye to the other. I'm so... Continue Reading →

Mira Nova – “Love Letter”

I'm sure you're like me and, when you saw the title of this track from Mira Nova, you assumed that this would be a heartbreak kind of song about a love lost. Don't worry-- that was seriously where my mind... Continue Reading →

A Shadow Within – “Can You Hear Me Now”

I'm starting to hit my early afternoon slump. It's so hard to work through it as the snow is falling slowly outside and my cats are all cuddled up on the couch. To say that the couch is looking inviting... Continue Reading →

Shaylee – “Snow Day”

It has been snowing on and off all morning up here in Minneapolis so it seems only fitting to share "Snow Day" from Shaylee with you. This brand new song is absolutely worth your ears' attention. The song starts off... Continue Reading →

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