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Weekly Single Drop

Atomic Lights – “I’m Okay”

Seeing local bands come across my email is always my favorite thing. It makes it even better when those bands are absolutely amazing and that's the case when it comes to Atomic Lights. Don't believe me? Just check out their... Continue Reading →

Dirty Rivals – “Let It Die”

I feel like every weekday around this time I start to droop. It's a mixture of being tired and overwhelmed. I know I've gotten a ton of stuff done today but time is fleeting and I feel like there's just... Continue Reading →

meija feat. Eels – “POSSUM”

I'm feeling a bit frantic right now so chill music is kind of hitting the spot. That, among other reasons, is why I'm so hooked on "POSSUM" from meija featuring Eels right now. Honestly, the first thing that caught me... Continue Reading →

Champagne Jacket – “Sarah”

It's the kind of day where when I read the artist name "Champagne Jacket", I instantly started envisioning what a jacket made out of champagne may look like. I promise, I'm not losing it. Okay, maybe I am but I... Continue Reading →

The Listros – “Into The Otherside”

It's only 9:15 AM and it has already been a day. I won't get into it but I'm a bit on edge this morning and need to chill out a bit so I can get back to work and get... Continue Reading →

The Kindest People – “I’ll Be Your Rival”

I have nothing witty for you right now. The truth is, I started off this day so motivated and ready to take it on but now I'm drooping and trying to plan an early escape from the day job so... Continue Reading →

The Effens x The OBGMs – “Someone’s Gonna Get You”

One of my top sets of 2022 came from Canadian band The OBGMs so when their name came across my desk as a guest band on The Effens' track "Someone's Gonna Get You", my heart fluttered a bit. I knew... Continue Reading →

Sick Move – “F.Y.H.”

I feel like I started today a bit heavy with the first single I shared out to you so let's lighten things up with the bop that is "F.Y.H." from Sick Move. The band claimed that this song "catapults from... Continue Reading →

Town Destroyer – “All My Relations :: Mitakuye Oyasin”

Happy Monday everyone! For better or for worse, we have made it to another week. I'm definitely still recovering from the weekend but ready to take on this week and whatever it has in store. The reason I'm feeling so... Continue Reading →

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