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Light Atomic – “Blades on the Night Stand”

I'm not sure where time is going but it's somehow already mid-afternoon and I am nowhere near where I wanted to be for the day. That's okay though because I have some amazing new music to keep my energy and... Continue Reading →

Refugio – “Indestructible”

Like a couple of other songs that I've checked out recently, I don't understand a word of the pitch that I got attached to "Indestructible" from Refugio but, within the first few notes of this song, I realized I didn't... Continue Reading →

Life Upon Liars – “Ghosts Of The Past”

It's only Wednesday yet somehow it feels like it should be a Friday. Maybe it's anticipation of my impending trip to Punk Rock Bowling or maybe it's the fact that work has been insane and I feel like although I've... Continue Reading →


KID TRAVIS doesn't stop. The amount of songs that he sends my way is absolutely insane and although not all of them have been a great fit for my stylistically, I always genuinely enjoy hearing his unique take on music.... Continue Reading →

FELIN – “STFU (Shut The F**k Up)

Nobody will ever take away my inner angsty teenager so, of course, I was drawn to FELIN's new track "STFU (Shut The F**k Up)". I mean, come on, with a title like FELIN, they knew she had me. As if... Continue Reading →

Karaba F.C. – “In The Violence”

I can't understand a word of what was submitted to me along with Karaba F.C.'s song "In The Violence" due to it being in (what I assume to be) French. Sure, I could sit here and try to use Google... Continue Reading →

NAKEDBURN – “smoke”

Today has been a productive day and I can feel myself starting to slow down so I'm looking for a song that will snap me out of my afternoon funk. Thankfully, that's exactly what "smoke" from NAKEDBURN did for me.... Continue Reading →

We Are Not Robots – “If You Want To Talk About It”

The description attached to "If You Want To Talk About It" from We Are Not Robots was, ""If You Want To Talk About It" is what would happen if 90's era Weezer stole a car and went on a joyride... Continue Reading →

oldolibo – “Haberdashery”

It's Monday. For better, or for worse, we've made it and I know it's cliche but today is a particularly Monday-y feeling Monday. Thankfully, I have "Haberdashery" from oldolibo to help scare away those Monday blues. "Haberdashery" is the debut... Continue Reading →

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