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The Jack Knives – “Hope and Romance”

Again, I must ask, where is the time going today? I was going to get through so many singles but it's already three in the afternoon and I've only had time for one but I digress. Sometimes all you need... Continue Reading →

Systems & Stories – “Osage”

Somehow it's already 11AM. I don't know where the day is going but I would like some of that time back because I have so much to do. My normal playlists of upbeat indie pop hits just aren't quite hitting... Continue Reading →

Danny Dwyer – “Mortal Kombat 2”

Okay, I'm not going to lie, I was drawn to this song because it was done with The Wonder Years. I am a huge The Wonder Years fans and, in my mind, they can do no wrong. That is still... Continue Reading →

So Much Hope, Buried – “Dissolve”

I'm losing my motivation for the day but I'm okay with that. I've gotten a lot done and the day is still fairly young being that I have the night off from shows. Even so, I need something for that... Continue Reading →

Indications – “casie”

Right off the bat, "casie" from Indications hooked me. Although it starts off just instrumental, I was instantly drawn in by the emotion that comes in through the power of the opening of this track and it only got better... Continue Reading →

Keep Your Secrets – “prologue.”

Happy Tuesday morning everyone! I'm looking to get this day started off right and Keep Your Secrets' "prologue." is the perfect way to do just that. This song starts off sweet and innocent before the entire band comes in after... Continue Reading →

Sideways – “Said and Done”

It's a pop-punk kind of Monday and I couldn't think of a better track to keep my energy up this morning than "Said and Done" from Sideways. There's something a bit aggressive about the vocals in this song that I... Continue Reading →

Moving Boxes – “Bed Bath + Beyond My Breaking Point”

I mean, come on, the title of this song was more than enough to intrigue me. "Bed Bath + Beyond My Breaking Point". Try to read/ say that without giggling. Beyond that hilarious and sadly true song title, this track... Continue Reading →

FOMO – “Boyfriend Hoodie”

FOMO mentioned that they are rapidly gaining local momentum in Montreal, Canada and, after hearing "Boyfriend Hoodie", it makes sense. A pop-punk anthem with an edge, "Boyfriend Hoodie" is about learning self-love and the words throughout this song absolutely hit... Continue Reading →

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