When I’m super excited for a show it’s because of one or two bands. I go to the show anxious for those bands and kind of let the rest fall to the wayside. Last night was no different. I had my whole night planned out. I knew when I’d get a drink, what merch I wanted to get, what bands I could stand outside for, what bands I wanted to be in front for, etc. I usually know what band I’m going to write about for this blog before I even get to the show. Last night my whole plan went to crap in the best possible way.

Last night was a show that I was legitimately excited for. It wasn’t just another show that I went to because I had nothing better to do. I didn’t get in for free because of my blog. I paid for a ticket that I got from a local band opening the show and rushed there right after work. My friend ended up ditching the show so I went alone, I didn’t care. I was not missing it.

Don’t get me wrong, I was excited for all of the bands playing but I was super stoked for Comeback Kid. My plan was to just going chill in back and take notes on the other bands before their set, get up close and nice and sweaty while they played, grab a t-shirt from them and then just wait patiently for the show to get over while taking more notes. (Yes, I take notes during shows for the blog so I don’t forget the little things.) This strategy has worked for basically every show I’ve been to… until last night.

It worked great for the first couple of bands. The music was great but the crowd was pretty tame. I was able to hover near the stage and just take in the music (which was a nice change after getting my butt kicked Tuesday night at the D.R.I. show) and take my notes. I went downstairs for some fresh air and came back up to a whole different atmosphere. The calmness was somehow gone and had been replaced with some sort of tenseness. There were kids stretching, taking earrings out (when you have larger gauges, it’s normal to take them out when you’re about to go into a mosh pit of any sort) and getting ready for something. I had no clue what said something was, but it was about to go down.

Being As An Ocean is a prime example of why I will go to ANY, and I mean any, show. I had heard of them before. I’ve listened to their music in passing. I never fell in love with it. I fell head over heals in love with them last night. It was one of those sets that gave me the goosebumps and that feeling that I crave. The goosebumps that creep up your arms the second the first note is played and that feeling rushes over you like a tidal wave.

The singer, Joel Quartuccio, was only on stage for maybe a song. The rest of the time he was down in the crowd with his microphone. Talk about a sense of family. When a singer gets on your level, when they throw the microphone in the crowd and keep on singing without it… that’s what gives me the goosebumps that I long for. I didn’t know any of the words. I couldn’t chant along with the rest of the crowd that was going nuts. That didn’t matter. It didn’t matter that I hadn’t listened to these guys much. I felt like I was a part of this… hell, I was a part of that.

The show was amazing from beginning to end. It was amazing being able to see Comeback Kid yet again and finally see Stray From The Path. I could go on and on about how great the music was. I could talk for days about the sense of family you can get from a show like this. I could ramble on about how awesome Deez Nuts was or how I really liked that Major League was on this tour. I could write about this show for days but honestly, if you weren’t there, you won’t get it.

I go to hundreds of shows a year. There’s only a couple that actually give me the feeling and goosebumps that I crave. I got that last night.

Line Up:

Stray From The Path
Comeback Kid
Being As An Ocean
Major League
Deez Nuts
It’s Confidential

Venue: Skyway Theatre

Sausage Fest Meter- 11 out of 10

Crowd surfers- None

Stage Divers- 30 ish?

Broken Bones- None

Average Age- 12 (kidding… but seriously)

Found in the Pit- 1 set of house keys

Overheard in The Crowd- “Dude, we should definitely sneak a bottle of Jack into homecoming!”