There are so many things I could write about from last night.

I could write about how awesome the opener, Beans on Toast, was. Even though it’s just one guy with a guitar, he got more out of the crowd than many of the metal bands I see play. He sang songs about politics, chicken farms, even a song about his hatred for Nashville, TN. His lyrics were hilarious and the crowd (myself included) completely fell in love with him and his bigger than life personality.

I could write about how Jay McAllister (Beans on Toast) seemed to truly be in love with Dinkytown. He was explaining to a crowd that if he wrote a song about Dinkytown, it would be nothing short of a love song. He kept on mentioning how he was going to move here and start a family here. When he joined Frank Turner on stage towards the end of the show, he was wearing a Dinkytown t-shirt.

I could write about how last night was the first time I have ever seen a double bass and it’s player crowd surf. (No, I’m not kidding.) Skinny Lister was amazing and got the crowd moving last night. Their songs were super up-beat and just fun to listen to. They were also damn fun to watch. The six members of this British folk band couldn’t stand still to save their lives. Their music was fun. It wasn’t complicated, it wasn’t perfect, but it was fun and that is just what I needed after a week of somewhat boring (but good!) shows.

I could talk about how the second Frank Turner got on stage the sold out crowd seemed to fade away and it felt like it was Frank singing just to me. It seemed like every song he sang was written for me. Like his song Tattoos where he talks about blowing your paycheck on tattoos that you will probably later regret but that are part of you. Or the song Recovery which is about exactly that, the road to recovery of whatever problems you have.

I could write about how when Frank crowd surfed, I pushed my way up to the front in the off chance that I could be a part of that. Okay, maybe I just wanted to touch his butt but come on! What girl wouldn’t fall for the smile, that accent, that everything!

I could write about how Frank did a cover of The Hold Steady’s Your Little Hoodrat Friend after confessing his love for the music that comes out of the Twin Cities (although The Hold Steady isn’t necessarily a “local band” they have roots here). He even admitted to having some lyrics from this song tattooed on his back.

I could talk about how the “tour flag” was at the show last night. What’s a “tour flag”? Basically, as Frank explained it, it’s a banner that a fan made that has been to every show recently including overseas, Mexico.. everywhere. Apparently it just keeps on getting passed on at each show and has made it everywhere. Oh man, if flags could talk!

I could write about how Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls (his backing band) played for right around two hours straight. He played a little bit of the old and a little bit of the new. He even played a couple of requests that were sent to him via Twitter earlier in the day.

There’s a lot of things I could write about from last night. But maybe I’ll just leave it at this: I felt something during the whole show last night.

I had those goosebumps, I had that feeling, I got that experience I crave.

Line Up:

Beans on Toast

Skinny Lister

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls

Venue: Varsity Theater

Sausage Fest Meter- 3 out of 10

Broken Bones- None

Average Age- 23

Found in the Pit- There was no pit

Crowd Surfers- 1 fan; 1 double bass and bass player; 1 Frank Turner

Times My Buddy Ian Mentioned Brian Cook of Russian Circles- 3 (This is in regards to last night’s show: Never Felt The Sting of Consequence)

How Many People In The Crowd Actually Live In Dinkytown- 3 (according to a poll that Beans On Toast took)

Spotted Flying Through The Air- Bubbles from the bubble machine

Coolest Merch of the Night- Beans on Toast was making custom t-shirts