It’s not that I was excited for last night’s show– more that I was intrigued. I had seen Yelawolf perform at a couple of festivals before and was interested to see what a headlining show from him would be like. His music mirrors that of Kid Rock but with a heavier rap influence in it. Yeah, not really for me, but– you never know so there I was, waiting for Yelawolf surrounded by an extremely intoxicated sold out crowd.

After sitting through three openers that were nothing short of forgettable and obnoxious, the crowd packed in closer to the stage, the lights dimmed. With a burst, Yelawolf hit the stage to kick off his set.

Yelawolf literally played one song then, for some reason, stormed off stage. The packed house continued to roar, but after a few minutes, I got a sense that something was up. After 13 minutes, I thought, “Holy shit. this is seriously going to be a mess … what the hell”. At about the 15 minute mark, the house music went up and people started moving towards the door. Some were going to get another drink, some yet another smoke, and others were surely going to complain to someone who had no power over what was happening. I was getting antsy and instantly started texting friends and telling them what was going on. I’m sure they thought I was joking and honestly, I wish it was a joke.

Over twenty minutes went by before there was movement on stage. One lone guy (not Yelawolf) took center stage and asked the crowd to put two fingers up. The crowd obliged but you could cut the tension with a freaking knife at this point. Everybody wanted to know what was going on and here was our answer. The guy went on to explain that Yelawolf had just been rushed to the hospital and would no longer be performing. The reaction in the crowd was instant. Some people were screaming “Bullshit!”. Some were just straight up laughing. Others were getting emotional because of the worry that something was wrong with their favorite rapper. Regardless, everyone in the crowd just stood there stunned. The guy (who I think is affiliated with Skyway, not the tour) calmly explained that tickets would be refunded, the show would be rescheduled, and there would be drink specials going on at the show at The Loft (another venue in the complex) and we were all invited.

Now, for the juicy details you were all waiting for because, well, I’m known for calling them like I see them and am not one to hold back…

After the one and only song, the microphone was thrown to the ground and I watched as Yelawolf stomped his way over to the side of the stage. One of the guys who was working on the stage or was in a management position for the tour tried to grab Yelawolf by the coat and talk to him but Yelawolf aggressive ripped away from his reach and continued off the stage. It was that moment that I knew something was up. His band just stayed on stage as some ridiculously annoying sounds started playing through the turntables (or computer, I mean, let’s be honest here, I doubt there were actual turntables up on stage).

It was when the band and all of his stage crew reluctantly left the stage that I knew Yelawolf wouldn’t be coming back up on stage. The people around me were confused but optimistic that it was just issues with the sound (as they had been plaguing the show all night) and that Yelawolf would be back as soon as those issues were fixed.

When the unlucky man who had the job of telling this too-drunk sold out crowd that the show was cancelled took the stage, I knew what he was going to say and I couldn’t help but start laughing uncontrollably. He said his first line… the part about Yelawolf coming down with a “terminal illness” and having to be rushed to the hospital. First off– I think some people need a lesson on what “terminally ill” means. Secondly, I was not the only one to see Yelawolf throw a hissy fit on the side of the stage. I get that this man probably had no choice but to say what he was told but it definitely left a bad taste in many people’s mouths.

I didn’t waste much time leaving the venue. I knew I could be one of the first people to write about this event and could just sense that there would be issues at the venue. I mean, you had a sold out crowd that had paid good money to see this guy and now they were left with nothing to do but either stand and complain or go about their night and find somewhere else to be too drunk. When I woke up this morning I grabbed my phone and wasn’t shocked to see there was a lot of drama that went down after I left. Tensions were high and, when mixed with the alcohol, the situation could not have been good. In-between the demands for refunds on the event Facebook page, there are stories of people getting in fights, people being overly aggressive- just an all around terrible situation.

I’ve always heard about stuff like this happening and seen it in the movies but, even though I’ve been to hundreds, if not thousands, of shows, I had never actually experienced this. I know that rockstars are divas. I’m not naive. But I also know that most entertainers will put the bullshit aside and give their paying fans a show to remember and then just have a mental breakdown afterwards. Not Yelawolf, no. He threw a hissy fit on stage and ruined Saturday night for hundreds of fans.

I should say something like, “Dear Yelawolf, If you are in the hospital, I hope you get back to feeling better soon!” But, let’s be honest, Yelawolf, you’re not in the hospital, you had a hissy fit and let Minneapolis see it. Also, just a note, you’re not famous enough to have breakdowns like this. Please pull it together before you reschedule your show up here.