I had a weekend away and although it didn’t end quite as expected due to sme drama, it was a beautiful weekend and it was a little rough to make it through the workday today. I needed a soundtrack to calm myself down and help me get on with the week and the reality of getting back to work. That’s where closure.’s ‘I Don’t Mind’ came in and fixed me right up.

“Coruscate” starts the album off with a sense of delicacy. Slow and steady and full of warmth and emotion, it was exactly what I needed to help me get cozied in on this chilly fall evening. Sure, you could call the vocals whiny if you wanted to be rude but, for a former emo kid that has yet to give up the black t-shirts or the abundance of black eyeliner, it’s perfect. It’s a blend of The Early November and Saosin in the perfect way. An incredible range met with almost atmospheric like instrumentation, “Coruscate” set the stage for what is sure to be an impressive album.

Things pick up as the album moves onto “Memories”. Definitely a nod to some old school mo bands of years gone by, there’s something familiar about this track that instantly gave me a sense of comfort. I got very strong old school Saves The Day from this vibe but also something completely new and modern. That optimistic vibe from “Memories” continued as “Call Me” took over my house. “Call Me” was an instant favorite of mine and had me dancing around in my chair until I noticed the neighbor walking up the path between our homes. From the lyrics to the beat to the instrumentation- everything is just perfect about this song.

“Fragmented” has a sense of power to it that seems to be hidden in the previous tracks. It’s the perfect sense of power as it doesn’t overpower the overall style of closure. and merely enhances it. The lyrics in this track hit me in the feelings. I mean, the lyrics throughout this album are great but there was something about this track that just hit me in all of the right ways. Again, a clear nod to the great emo bands of the past but also a move in a forward direction that makes me so incredibly happy and such a fan of this band.

Another favorite of mine from this album is “Standing”. Again, this is a lyrics song. What I mean by that is the lyrics absolutely take over your heart and the way each word is sung with such a sense of conviction is staggering. The drums have a more driving beat in this track compared to the rest which made it fly by a bit faster than I would have liked so I definitely had to listen to this one a couple of times before moving on to “This Ghost”.

The driving force that seemed to be behind “Fragmented” and “Standing” falls a bit to the background as something a bit calmer takes control for “This Ghost”. About half way through this track, I realized I had written nothing as far as this review but I think that says everything. I lost myself completely in the music and really just have no words for it other than you should really listen to this one and take a moment to let yourself get lost.

The beginning of “Seasons Change” gave me huge Hellogoodbye vibes. Not the old school neon side of Hellogoodbye but the more mature side that came after. Then, in the blink of an eye, I was greeted with the poppiness that closure. does so well while still staying true to their roots. The beat in this track is infectious and the stellar bassline heard throughout definitely amps this track up a bit.

Closing out this quick album is the title track, “I Don’t Mind”. This track ends the album beautifully and really took me back to the opening track. It’s more acousticy than the rest of the songs (until a giant swell of emotion takes over) while still full of energy. This track is drenched in feelings and emotions in the most beautiful way. Like many of the previous tracks, it’s hard not to just get lost in your own head while listening to it and taking in each word. “It’s going to take to figure out how I function in this world…” If you can seriously tell me that that line doesn’t just hit you in the feels then we clearly use music for completely different reasons.

I think that music should exhaust you. It should make you feel a million things all at once and force you to set back and take a look at everything in your life. The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful… everything. You should be able to get lost in music, not get bored with it. And, when an album ends, you should feel a heaviness in the silence. That’s exactly what closure. does with ‘I Don’t Mind’.

My Favorite Track(s): “Call Me”; “Standing”

For Fans Of: Nostalgia; Emo from the early 2000’s; Emotions; Getting lost in your own head

Nostalgia Factor: 9.2 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Both cats were screeching at a deer that had decided to eat what was left of my tomato plant (I’m clearly not in downtown anymore!)

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 7.1 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 7.6 out of 10

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