It’s another weird night in my life. The social injustices in this country have me feeling angry and have my anxiety at an all time high. It’s actually super depressing and now is the perfect time to turn to some new music to help bring back some sense of normalcy. Thankfully, my email account and stack on my desk is full of new music to check out so I blindly clicked on an email to check out. Kulick’s new album ‘Yelling In A Quiet Neighborhood’ was the lucky winner and, honestly, with an album title like that, maybe it was just fate.

The album starts with “Crawling” which had a beautiful intro that instantly drew me in with a sense of comfort. Jacob Kulick’s voice has an edge to it but it also clearly has mass appeal. You can feel the emotions in each word and it’s absolutely a beautiful thing. This opening track is something I could absolutely hear on top-40 radio stations but could also see hitting it big with some emo kids that never grew up. There’s a triumphant sense of power in this opening track that kicks this album off in the best way and had me very excited to move on to the other eight tracks.

“Rope” instantly had me smiling. There’s something hopelessly optimistic about the beat in this song but the lyrics are still full of emotion. I loved it and this track instantly became a favorite of mine. Think Imagine Dragons with a little more edge and just a little more heart (I’ll be honest, I actually low key love Imagine Dragons… go ahead and judge). Jacob’s voice dances over the beat with ease and passion. Although a smooth voice, the way he attacks each word is something that I wish I heard more often from vocalists.

“Just Be Friends” brings a little bit more of a somber vibe to the album but also expands on the beauty of just what Jacob is capable of. It’s clear that Jacob writes from the heart and this song makes you feel the heaviness of each word whether you are ready for it or not. The lyrics are as raw as the passion and it creates the perfect atmosphere for a night of self-reflection. That self-reflection continues with “Waiting For You” which instantly became another favorite of mine. This song has a singer-songwriter vibe to it but still has an infectious beat that had me bopping around in my chair throughout the three minute, nineteen second song.

Although “Monster” is the shortest track on this nine song album, it packs a punch right to the gut. Again, Jacob’s lyrics have a way of hitting you right in the heart whether you can relate completely or not. It’s the way he sings the words… it’s just absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful and there’s no way to not be affected by the weight of each word.

I was expecting “Fun!” to be, well, fun, but I got another track full of power and emotion. That’s not a complaint at all because it’s something Jacob does so well but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want something more like “Rope” to take over my speakers. With being in such a weird mood lately, these songs that made me feel things just was not what I wanted tonight but, after my fourth listen to this track, I realized it was just what I needed.

“The Way I Am” showcases just how versatile Jacob’s voice can be. You can hear nods to the great indie rock bands out there right now along with nods to bands like Sleeping With Sirens and other old school emo acts. Again, his sound bridges the gap between many different genres giving this album mass appeal.

Second to last on this album is “Lonely”. Although this album is full of beautiful tracks, “Lonely” may be the most beautiful (at least in my opinion). Again, the heartbreak can be felt in the words, not just heard, but, when mixed with an epic piano part behind the lyrics, you are left with a powerful statement that will practically leave you lost for words.

Although “Talking To The Ceiling” closes out this album on a fairly somber note, there’s something optimistic about this track. I would have loved for this album to close with a “dance and be happy track” but “Talking To The Ceiling” is a powerful statement and a brilliant statement for this album to end on.

I’m sitting here trying not to get sucked into live streams from the various protests going on tonight after no murder charges being made in Louisville and it’s hard not to get super depressed about it. Thankfully, Kulick’s music will keep me from going down a hole of depression tonight.

My Favorite Track(s): “Rope”; “Waiting For You”

For Fans Of: Emotions; Feeling Feelings; Accessible Indie-Rock

Daydream-ability: 6.8 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Artie laid on the kitchen table; Autumn chased a blue jay through the window

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 7.9 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 7.6 out of 10

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