I’ve gotten so used to reviewing albums from people and bands that I’ve never heard of. I was honestly a little shocked when I’m Glad It’s You’s ‘Every Sun, Every Moon’ hit my list. I’m Glad It’s You isn’t a band I know a lot about but they have hit some random playlists I listen to regularly and I always stop when their songs are playing because I’m enjoying them so much. I honestly hesitated when it came to choosing this one to review tonight because I know something about this band but, at the same time, I was excited to dig into a full album from them instead of just being caught by a single. No pressure I’m Glad It’s You, but please don’t let me down!

“Desert Days” is a gorgeous instrumental track that kicks this album off. I started questioning if this was even the same band I had heard on those random playlists just due to the subdued and peaceful nature of this intro track but, as soon as “Big Sound” hit my speakers, I knew it was the same band. “Big Sound” is, well, just that. The music blasted into my quiet house with a sense of ease and comfort. My sleepy and quiet Tuesday night interrupted by a sound that instantly caught my ear just like those random tracks I’ve heard. With nods to the pop-punk days gone by and a bow to the indie rock sound of today, I’m Glad It’s You shot me off into a world where it wasn’t negative degrees out and I hadn’t just had a tough mental health day.

The amount of power that I’m Glad It’s You can portray in a recorded track is impressive and what made them stand out to me the first time I heard them. Even though the mood turns a little more emotional and dark for “Ordinary Pain”, the almost constant drum fills keep the song from going too sad and the catchy chorus had me smiling from ear to ear. Even when the drums take a back seat for “Lost My Voice”, I found myself hanging on every word and note from this band. The sound remains big and anthemic for this fourth track but there’s a sense of tenderness that is brought to the forefront. You can hear heartbreak and desperation in the vocals which are matched by the almost dragging style of instrumentation. It’s a perfect mix making “Lost My Voice” a song that is sure to touch you right in the feels.

“The Things I Never Said” was an instant favorite of mine. Full disclosure, I got into a pretty big “thing” with the guy I’ve been hanging out with. We rallied and recovered but the damage to my mental health was done. The lyrics of “The Things I Never Said” just really hit me because of the day I had had. It’s crazy how music can do this to you and, although the lyrics of this track are as sad as the emo songs I used to worship back in the day, they brought me a sense of comfort, and instead of looking forward to just crawling into bed, it made me optimistic for the rest of the night and motivated to keep going.

I don’t know if it was meant to be this way but “Death Is Close” seems to be a bit like an interlude and, being smack dab in the middle of the album, I’m thinking that was the point. Even though it’s an interlude and I wouldn’t consider it a full track (although it’s just under three minutes long), I found it super interesting and a complete shift in style for this band. It made me think of Panic at The Disco’s ‘Pretty Odd’ album. It just has this almost old-timey vibe to it along with a sense of peace that, after “The Things I Never Said” was welcomed.

The energy and style that only I’m Glad It’s You can do comes back with a vengeance on “Silent Ceremony”. Kind of like how “Big Sound” hit after the intro track, “Silent Ceremony” seemed to slam into my speakers and me with an undeniable sense of power but, as the song plays on, you realize that these waves of power continue throughout the nearly four minutes. The rises and falls of this track are predictable but that doesn’t change the effectiveness of them since the band does it so well.

The waves seem to come to an end and the tide rolls out with “Lazarus” (why not keep with the water references, right?). The fuzzy guitars in “Lazarus” bring an almost dream-like sound to the album that I wasn’t quite expecting. The heartbreak in this song is palpable. I really don’t have much to say about this track other than this is one of those songs that you just have to feel for yourself. My words could never do this track justice so I won’t even try.

The bass gets to kick off “The Silver Cord” as the drums continue to leave me completely captivated. This song is great but there’s just something about the drum part that had me captivated. The mixture of different cymbals (or different ways of hitting the same cymbal) creates such a cool and interesting pattern that I was completely engulfed by it and was a little startled when it stopped and the album continued playing into “Myths”. Although I was bummed about the cool drum part falling out, it didn’t take long for “Myths” to become another favorite track of mine. Although the songwriting throughout this album is amazing, I feel like it really comes to a climax during this track. This sweet song is soft and delicate while still staying full of energy. A striking string part behind the vocals only enhances the almost redemption song type lyrics and, when the whole band comes in… triumphant. Just triumphant, magical, goosebump-inducing– yeah, you feel this song in your bones.

This album closes with the title track, “Every Sun, Every Moon” and ends with a sound that won’t let you forget this band. Much like “Big Sound” and some of the other tracks on this album, this song opens with a wall of sound that draws you in before the band captivates you with their sensitive lyrics and brilliant note and word placement. I’m Glad It’s You not only knows how to draw you into each song with the first few beats and notes, but they also know how to keep you in the palm of their hands and that, my friends, is talent.

My Favorite Track(s): “The Things I Never Said”; “Myths”

For Fans Of: Sensitive Lyrics; Walls of Sound; Emotions

Daydream-ability: 5 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Both cats slept upstairs

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 9 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

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