It’s the kind of cold tonight that you just can’t seem to shake. I have the heat cranked up far higher than my wallet would like but I’m still sitting here shivering. Honestly, I just need something warm to listen to. I need music that makes me feel cozy and transports me somewhere where it’s not subzero for the fifth day in a row. For some reason, the cover of Liam Moore’s ‘Visions of Perfect Life’ is telling me that this is the album that will do the trick. All I know about this album is that it has been in my stack for months so this review is far overdue. So cozy up and let’s go on this listening adventure together!

“Cosmic Noon” kicked off with a slow burn type of beginning. I honestly didn’t hear the very beginning of this track because my furnace was working overtime but, as soon as Liam’s vocals came in, I was warmed all the way to my core. This opening track is spacey and beautiful. It’s tender and sensitive but still dynamic and I was a little startled as the song really kicked in with an almost jazz feel mixed with an Americana vibe. I don’t know how to explain this track but I found myself just sitting back and getting lost in this opening track.

The second up on this album is “Horseshoe” and I instantly fell in love with this track and its carefree nature. This song is light-hearted and fun while still being super tender and sensitive. Although tender and sensitive is not my usual cup of tea, the way that Liam and his bandmates do it is just too good to deny. Although soft, this track had me dancing around my desk with ease. I loved it and was a bit disappointed as it was replaced with “Finis”. There’s still a sense of playfulness in “Finis” but there’s also a more orchestral vibe to this one that had me captivated. There are so many intricate lines of notes throughout this track that kept coming in and out. From a clarinet to a flute, to a violin and a bunch of other instruments that I probably missed, the delicate-ness of this track is just barely overshadowed by its beauty.

“Lift” seems to split the difference between the carefree nature of “Horseshoe” and the more orchestral feel of “Finis”. You still get a robust sound what with all of the horns and the double bass walking towards the bottom of this track, but you also get a playfulness with the little lines of notes all of these instruments play here and there. I know I get lost in a lot of music but this loss was uncontrollable for me and before I knew it, the album was moving on. My instinct was to sneeze as “Cottonwood” took over my speakers (get it– cottonwood- because I’m allergic- I made a funny) but, instead, I was again completely captivated by Liam Moore and all of the other super talented musicians on this track. “Cottonwood” brings a little country flair to this album that I could listen to all night. Although all of the previous songs gave me the sense of warmth I was looking for, “Cottonwood” was like that perfect waited blanket that comes complete with a glass of red wine or hot tea (depending on the night).

The guitar part that kicks off “The Slouch” has a sense of swagger to it that instantly drew me in. Liam’s voice comes in higher than I had heard previously on the album but what really stuck out to me were the lyrics which made this an instant favorite of mine. “Stand up straight, put your shoulders back. Be proud of who you are and what you do.” Don’t mind me while I go turn into a puddle of emotions for a hot minute. I was snapped back to reality as the track came to a triumphant end with the help of a chaotic string of notes. Although chaotic, it wasn’t the type of chaos that stresses you out-it was controlled chaos and was the perfect ending to a perfect track.

“Imbalances” has such a perfect feeling to it. It’s that warmth that I have been craving all day but in a style that only Liam Moore could provide. I want to say that this track reminds me of Jack Johnson but I feel like maybe that’s a cop-out since I really don’t listen to that kind of music. Regardless, if you like Jack Johnson-esque music, this track is for you. Hell, I don’t even really like Jack Johnson but this track is absolutely for me just like “Apologia” is. “Apologia” is a stunning track that truly showcases Liam’s songwriting talent. Although the lyrics are great throughout, for some reason they really stick out on this track. I am going to go ahead and say that’s just because they are slightly louder than the delicate instrumentation and beautiful strings going on behind him. Regardless of why, this song tells a beautiful- heartbreaking but beautiful story that is impossible to not fall in love with.

Things get a little bit more powerful with “Early To Bed, Early To Rise”. There’s a newfound strength in the vocals of this track and the instrumentation seems to be a bit more straightforward than the orchestral arrangement styled tracks. That being said, this is a stellar track that will have you swaying along to the infectious beat with ease while a smile grows on your face. Someone once suggested that I do these reviews on Youtube and Twitch since it’s always my first listen to an album and I can’t hide what my face says (if you know me, you know how painfully true this is) but this track is why I don’t want that. I probably looked like a freak at my desk but who cares, the vibe that “Early To Bed, Early To Rise” gave me was just perfect.

“(You Don’t Have To) Grow Up” is the perfect ending to this perfect album. This track seems to take all of the great elements from the previous tracks and combine them into one jazzy and soulful track that leaves you wanting so much more from Liam Moore. This album definitely isn’t my normal listen but it absolutely had me sold within the first song and I was captivated until the final note of this final song. A true masterpiece of musical genius– I’ll be keeping this album on my desk for a little bit longer to help get me through the rest of this cold and bitter winter.

My Favorite Track(s): “Horseshoe”; “The Slouch”

For Fans Of: Warmth; Jazzy orchestral arrangements; Brilliant songwriting and lyrics

Daydream-ability: 9 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Both cats laid upstairs waiting for me to come up there

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 7 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 8.7 out of 10

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