You know those end-of-the-year round-ups that you can look at on Spotify? Well, there was one song I listened to an obscene amount of times. That song was “Alaska” from Little Hurt. I seriously couldn’t stop listening to that from the second I heard it. I would make playlists to listen to during work or while just at home and would make that song the third song. Literally every 3 songs. I don’t know why but it never occurred to me that this act could have more than just this one banger of a song so I was elated when I got an email from a PR rep about Little Hurt’s (who happens to be Colin Dieden, formerly of The Mowglis which I never put together) first EP ‘Every Second’. I’m anxious to jump into this so let’s not waste any more time.

My favorite song, “Alaska”, kicks this EP off and I couldn’t help but listen to this six times before moving on. If you’re a friend of mine, you’ve heard this song because it’s all I’ve been playing lately. If you haven’t heard this track, well, listen to it. My words will never do it justice. It’s a dancey little number with lyrics that I instantly fell in love with. “Eating ice cream in my bed I guess my problem is that I don’t even give a shit”. That is my favorite line in this favorite song of mine. It’s not just the words, it’s the way that you can hear frustration and emotion in Colin’s voice during this track that doesn’t quite match the rest of the song but matches what we are all feeling during this strange time. Long story short- listen to this track. I’m not going to gush over it anymore for you because you just won’t get it.

“Better Drugs” has a more tender feeling to it than the anthemic “Alaska”. Although I’m clearly a sucker for that first track (I swear I won’t keep comparing everything to that one track), “Better Drugs” continues with the real-life lyrics and a sense of raw emotion that comes through with them while still having a very mainstream feeling and sound. Things kind of make sense with Little Hurt after realizing that he is from The Mowglis and I feel like you can hear that vibe in Little Hurt’s sound but it’s so much more than that. I feel like it’s just a little bit more mature and a little bit more dancey. What I’m saying is if you like The Mowglis and are having a crisis while trying to get through quarantine, this is the EP for you.

Speaking of crisis’, “My Head Hurts” was another instant favorite of mine. The track kicks off with “Havin a little nervous breakdown/ now my problems got problems of their own/ I guess they’re growing up/ I’m gonna self destruct”. Sure, not the most optimistic lyrics but I think those are feelings a lot of us can relate to that. As if those opening lines weren’t enough to sell you, wrap your head around this- “Trying to hold it all together/ I’ll be crying to The Pixies on my floor tonight”. Yeah, this song hit me in the right spot and might make it in my top songs of this year replacing “Alaska”.

Things go back to a little more tender for “Good As It Gets”. I have to admit, the beats in all of Little Hurt’s tracks are a little more generic than I typically go for but it’s the lyrics that really get me. I don’t know Colin. I’ve never met him, yet somehow each song so far on this album speaks to me like it’s talking to a best friend and this song is no exception. There are a bajillion bands out there putting out a sound like Little Hurt’s but I feel like none of them present it with such raw and real packaging. The tenderness of “Good As It Gets” continues into “I Don’t Wanna Be Here” but there’s more panic in the words somehow. It’s not chaotic, but you can feel a sense of panic and anxiety in the words which, again, speaks to me on such a deep level. The bassline on this one is funky and had me moving around in my chair like a fool while I tried to not let a single word pass by. Before I knew it, this song was done and I felt a little lost and disappointed.

That feeling of disappointment and loss instantly disappeared as “It’s OK Not To Be OK” took over. I know that’s a phrase that is so overused these days but it’s also a phrase that I live by. I struggle with mental health but don’t tend to show it much (unless you’re one of my friends that has the pleasure of getting my wine drunk so I can word vomit all over you– sorry friends). Although it’s said a lot, I feel like the lyrics of this song cannot be said enough and the amount of conviction that can be felt through this track just adds to them. This is going to be one of those tracks that I keep in my back pocket for a day where nothing seems to go right and none of my friends are available. “It’s Ok Not To Be OK” brings a sense of comfort with it that we all need right now.

I don’t want this EP to end but we have come to the final track already. “Messed Up” ends this album with a track that reminds me a lot of “Alaska” beat-wise. Again, the all too real lyrics hit me hard but each line came in with a warm blanket of comfort along with that raw and realness. I wish good things didn’t have to come to an end but if they all came to an end with something like “Messed Up”, the blow wouldn’t be so bad. What a great ending to a perfect EP.

I listen to music 24-7. Literally. I’ve reviewed dozens of full albums and EP’s already this year and have sifted through thousands of singles. Things jump out here and there as being great but ‘Every Second’ by Little Hurt hit me a bit harder than anything else I’ve heard lately. It’s real, it’s fun, it’s raw, and it’s infectious. It’s everything we need right now. A little bit of harsh reality with a beat to dance to attached to it. Could this be the release of the year?

My Favorite Track(s): All of them. Seriously.

For Fans Of: Raw Lyrics; Dancy Beats; Crying While Dancing Because of The Combination

Dance-ability: 10 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Both cats slept upstairs

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 10 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 11 out of 10

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