Sometimes I wish I lived in Los Angeles. Don’t get me wrong, Minneapolis is amazing but we lack an oceanside beach and I’m pretty sure I was a mermaid in a past life. I just had to know what life in Los Angeles is like and who better to ask than Lara Mrgic. Beyond living out my pipe dream of living in LA, Lara is an amazing musician that I just had to know more about so, naturally, I asked her some questions about what her life is like in Los Angeles.

Are you a morning person or is the snooze button your best friend in the morning?
I really try to be a morning person and take on the day. I am guilty of hitting the snooze from time to time but I’m going to blame my really, really cute fur babies for that. 
I have two pups that love to snuggle (Always) but especially in the mornings… so it does get hard!

Breakfast or skip it? If yes to breakfast– what’s your go-to?
I mostly skip breakfast and fast a bit in the morning but coffee is essential!

Now that you’re up and going- what’s one thing you really like to do in the mornings of days off?
My Partner and I really enjoy going on walks in the early morning and supporting a local coffee spot and walking around our neighborhood.. where we’ll typically get 
6-10k steps in before 9 am!

How many minutes/ hours do you spend scrolling through Social Media in the morning?
I actually have a “No” scrolling or checking social media rule for the first hour or so that I’m awake. I try to limit my time as much as I can and not get distracted.

LUNCHTIME! What’s your favorite taco spot for lunch in the area and why?
Guisados is a great taco spot! Probably some of the best tacos I’ve had in LA. Food is always so great, the vibes awesome.. and they have a great little outside seating area.

A free afternoon? What are you doing? Shopping? Chilling on the beach? 
I’m probably at an Estate Sale or Hanging out with my Family. Estate Sales are the best in LA.. and I’ve gotten so many wonderful one-of-a-kind vintage things at them. I get excited to go.. every time!

How much time do you spend at the beach? Being in Minnesota, I always just love to think that Californians spend all of their time at the beach but am I wrong?
Californians do love the beach.. and there’s a ton of people who go all the time… but I just don’t happen to be one of those who frequent the beach. I do love it and hope to get to it a little more often.

Are you a day drinker? If so, what drink are you snagging on this Tuesday afternoon?
I’m not! Once upon a time in another life, I was .. but these days I try to be super productive during the days and then can treat myself to a nice glass of wine at night. BUT once In a blue moon, I’ll have a boozy booch.

DINNER TIME! Where are you and your friends going for a nice dinner? It doesn’t have to be ultra glitzy and nice but where’s a favorite “treat” of a restaurant?
Lady Byrd is a great spot to go to with some girlfriends. They have great food, it’s super cute yet still low key.. and have really pretty greenhouses you can dine outside in, and you’re surrounded by plants.. a great lil wine menu as well.

Are you going out to drinks after dinner or going to a show?
Both 😉 

What’s your favorite venue in the area and why?
Peppermint Club is a really cool old Hollywood-styled venue. Hope to play there soon!

What time is bedtime?
9-10 pm typically. So I can be well-rested and ready to take on the following day!

What’s one thing we should all know before listening to your new single, “Baby Blue”?!
That it was made with so much love and transparency. The cool sad girl poet anthem. 

Reading Lara’s answers to these questions just made me want to sneak away to Los Angeles even more than I already did. I feel like she and I would find some true treasures at an estate sale and I would love to go check out a show at The Peppermint Club with her. Sadly, I have no plans for a Los Angeles trip in my immediate future so I guess listening to Lara’s stunning new track, “Baby Blue” on repeat will have to suffice. Check it out here and make sure to show her some love on her socials (links are below)!

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