I am currently drinking a cup of tea and am toying with the idea of starting a podcast. Okay, maybe that second part isn’t quite true but it is an idea I’ve been thinking about for some time and just haven’t pulled the trigger on it. All of that being said, I was drawn to “I’m Starting A Podcast” from Tea Eater for those reasons– I love tea and would love to have my own podcast. Ends up, this song is more than just that catchy title.

Led by Tarra Thiessen of Gustaf, Tea Eater is a New York City-based art/ noise punk band that quickly hooks you with this track. “I’m Starting A Podcast” is equal parts intense and beautiful and that is mostly thanks to Tarra’s distinct vocals. There’s something fun and playful about this song but there’s also something strategic about the overall composition. The balance of fuzzy bass, shredding guitars, snarky vocals delivered with a sense of angst, and slamming drums is absolutely perfect and keeps you completely lost in this track for the entire minute and forty-eight seconds that it lasts. It also leaves you begging for more but don’t worry, Tea Eater has an album slated to be out in October of this year.

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