“lost art” was the first single I heard from Lauren Rintoul. It was love at first listen but not for my typical reasons. Instead of hitting me with a wall of sound and angst, “lost art” hit me with a wall of beauty and tenderness. A slight hint of pain in Lauren’s voice kept me engaged and the growing beat and energy throughout this track had me hooked. I was in love and adored everything about Lauren so I jumped on the opportunity to ask her a little bit about everything and anything.

Let’s get the important questions out of the way– does pineapple below on pizza?
Hahaha I know a lot of people like it but it’s not for me particularly.

What’s your go-to coffee order?
I’m actually a matcha person so a matcha latte with almond milk

If you could have dinner with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
This might be a basic answer but I would say Finneas. Obviously he has a knack
for creating hits from the songwriting perspective as well as production but he
also talks about being almost entirely self taught. I’ve been trying to teach myself
how to produce my own music for a while and he is someone I really look up to
and draw a lot of inspiration from.

What’s an old-school fad that you wish would come back?
Heeleys. Having easy access to wheels at all times is underrated.

Favorite lyrics of all time?
Wow this is a hard question, recently my friend showed me a song called “This
House” by Siobahn Winifred that is kind of a lyrical masterpiece. Specifically the
lyric “This drink’s not strong enough, To watch you fall in love” is crazy good. But
there’s so many amazing songs right now it’s hard to pick favorites of all time.

If you were to rob a bank, what would be the song playing in the getaway car as you

Probably Notorious by Upsahl or some other song on her album Lady Jesus.

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?
Again another hard question haha. I really enjoyed the 1975 show as it felt like a
concert but also a performance and you really could not predict what was going
to happen. Billie Eilish was unreal at Coachella too.

If you had to pick between your two singles “lost art” and “see through”, which one is
your favorite and why?

They both live in a very similar space in my brain. It changes all the time but right
now probably lost art.

What is your process when writing your songs?
Every song is different but they pretty much all start by a memory of a feeling or
the feeling itself. Emotions are crazy and they pretty much write for themselves
so the most important thing for me as a writer when i’m starting to write for myself
is being able to put myself back in that emotional state what I was in when I felt
the feeling that I’m trying to talk about. I’ll then just brain vomit onto the notes app
so its a free flowing stream of thoughts as i’m feeling these things. I think for me
this lets me create songs that feel more intimate and accurate to the emotion.
Many times when I’m writing I am not really aware of the process, its not like I’m
thinking ok pre chorus here, ok chorus now but its more where the story wants to
go and what melody and build fits under that and like I said before it kind of just
starts to write itself.

There’s something so raw about the words in both of these amazing singles– do you
find it hard to perform the songs because of that?

Sometimes. Since the songs were written from such a raw emotional state I try to
put myself back in that place when I’m performing them which can be difficult.
Sometimes it’s hard to separate the fact that I’m on stage singing in front of a
bunch of people and the awareness that I’m basically reading my journal from
years ago.

Out of the two singles, what line of lyrics is your favorite?
Great question, right now I’d probably say the bridge from lost art. “There will be
moments where I’m yours, Somewhere between all of the hurt, and I’ll miss a
version of me that saw you like I did before”. Like I was talking about before,
memories and emotions are so strong that sometimes remembering something
can send you right back into that moment. At least if you’re anything like me
haha. Specifically I was talking about a situation where even though it was painful
and it’s over, there were times where I remembered them and felt like I was back
in that moment with all of the feelings. But it’s impossible to fully go back to who
we were before. You can never exactly repeat a moment. People change and
that’s hard asf.

I know you’re still in college but what do you think you’ll be doing after? Are you
hoping to tour? Do music on the side?

I work at the Greek Theatre and at a label for sync right now but I’ve mainly been
focusing on writing for other artists. I love performing and sharing my music but I
think the part of music I feel the most drawn to is the songwriting part of it. I’m
working on some new songs for my own artist project but I have to some songs I
wrote with/for other artists coming out soon. Hopefully I’ll be able to tour and help
other artists with their projects!

Obviously, being in college and putting out music, you know how to hustle– do you
have any advice for other young musicians who are trying to juggling everything at

Honestly follow what brings you joy and try everything. Opportunities are
everywhere and you never know what you’re gonna love. My friends call me a
workaholic sometimes because I’m constantly in sessions or doing sync stuff or
whatever. But, what really helps me is that the stuff that I’m doing for work (the
sessions) is what I love to do anyway. It feels more like a break from everything
else. Its so dumb but that idea “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in
your life” is so true. So ya I guess the advice is try everything but focus on what
brings you joy.

“lost art” and “see through” are just singles right now but can we expect some more
from you soon?!

Hopefully! It’s going to be a little bit before this next project comes out but I love it
so far. I’ll keep posting little snippets here and there and hopefully I’ll start
dropping the project over the next few months!

I suppose I can look past the negative thoughts on pineapple on pizza and the fact that Lauren would choose Macha over coffee. I mean, just look at all of her other answers. They are so full of heart and passion that it is impossible to not fall head over heels for this woman just from reading her answers. Lauren is young, like super young, but I felt that some of her answers showed how she is as mature as her music comes off while still keeping a youthful vibe about her. Long story short, Lauren’s sound is timeless and sure to be a staple for many people in the very near future to jump on this train now so you can be that person that started listening to Lauren Rintoul before she blew up and got uber-famous.

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