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Wild Divide – “Cowboy Take Me Away” (The Chicks Cover)

Full disclosure- The Chicks (formerly known as The Dixie Chicks) were one of my first concerts ever. I don't remember a lot from it but I do remember it was at the Iowa State Fair and my dad took me.... Continue Reading →

After Smoke Clears – “FEEL GOOD INC”

As you may have seen or caught onto, I am not typically one for a cover song. Don't get me wrong, I like to jam out to a good cover every once in awhile and I am a huge fan... Continue Reading →

Before We Die – “Every Day Is Exactly The Same (Nine Inch Nails Cover)”

I'm not typically one for cover songs. I especially not one for cover songs from bands that I don't particularly love. So why am I sharing out a cover song of "Every Day Is Exactly The Same" from Nine Inch... Continue Reading →

Just Super – “Everything is Alright (Motion City Soundtrack Cover)”

I am not a huge fan of covers but the second I hear Just Super's cover of "Everything Is Alright" from Motion City Soundtrack, I knew this would be an exception to the rule for me. Okay, maybe I'm a... Continue Reading →

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