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Pale Kaiori – “ALL RESET: Return”

Welp, it's that dreaded after lunch slump and it's hitting me hard. My eyes are heavy and I am so ready for a nap but I still have a couple of hours at the office before that's a possibility. Thankfully,... Continue Reading →

Ominous Duck – “Dude That’s My Bike”

I'm out of witty or insightful things to say right now. Honestly, I'm just on a roll with getting work stuff done and checking out some amazing singles while doing it so why try and muddy that up. Let's just... Continue Reading →

Echo Track – “Midwest Emo”

Obviously a track titled "Midwest Emo" is going to catch me. I mean, "Midwest Emo" is a real thing but beyond the eye-catching title, this track from Echo Track is truly one that has to be heard. The first of... Continue Reading →

The Snouts – “Fang An”

Happy Thursday, everyone! I'm stoked that it's so close to the weekend but, at the same time, am stressed trying to get everything done while continuing to play catch up from my weekend at Riot Fest. One thing that has... Continue Reading →

RISE ABOVE – “Tides”

"Tides" from RISE ABOVE is yet another example of a song that is far from new but is still more than worthy of your time today. "Tides" came out back in 2016 and was clearly a bit before its time.... Continue Reading →

Dagwood – “Everything Turned Out Alright”

Do you ever hear a song and it just instantly makes you smile and have a more positive outlook on life? That's exactly what happened the first time I heard "Everything Turned Out Alright". It goes without saying, life is... Continue Reading →

Barking Poets – “Getting Away With It”

I've been listening to pretty chill music today. I'm not sure why but it's just hitting the spot. That being said, I can feel my energy levels dwindling. Enter: "Getting Away With It" from Barking Poets. When this song hits,... Continue Reading →

Mega Ran ft. JER and Stacked Like Pancakes – “Recess”

If you've been sleeping on Mega Ran, this is your wake up call. I've been a huge fan of Mega Ran's geek-inspired rap for a long time and his new song "Recess" featuring JER and Stacked Like Pancakes reminded me... Continue Reading →

Midnight Siren – “I Wanna”

I've had some people ask me why I share songs out that are super old. The answer is simple-- if it's new to me, it's new to some of you and, regardless of age, I like to share good music.... Continue Reading →

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