Obviously, lockdown hit us all hard but I really can not stress how hard it hit the music industry. I mean, think of all the people that it affected. It wasn’t just musicians, it was stagehands, managers, bookings agents, security guards… the list goes on and on. Honestly, when everything came to a screeching halt, I about gave up on it all. From this blog showcasing live music to another side gig where I book shows across the country, I was just completely defeated and discouraged. It took me a while to get out of that rut, but I did and I am so thankful for that. I wish it hadn’t had taken me so long and wish I had had the attitude that 39 Broad Street did. They had just released their first single prior to the lockdowns and decided to not let quarantine get the best of them. Their homes were turned into studios and they took the time to figure out how to do an EP (albeit stripped back) during all of this chaos. Reading about how they pulled this off has me intrigued and so excited to jump into their quick, four-song EP, ‘Walls (Stripped Back EP)’.

“Learn” instantly brings the vocals to the forefront. I wasn’t shocked being that this is a more stripped-back album but I was shocked at the emotion that was conveyed through, not only the vocals but the simplistic sounding guitar strums. There’s something so sensitive about every strum and every note. Although it comes off as a bit of a sad, slow song, there’s something super beautiful and energizing about this opening track. I understand that 39 Broad Street isn’t meant to be an acoustic band but maybe they should reconsider? I mean, I’m only one track into this EP and I’m already head over heels in love.

It’s really hard to set different moods when you are playing with acoustic tracks but, somehow, 39 Broad Street pulls it off. Whereas the first track was a bit sad and slow, there was still a beautiful sense of optimism in the track. “Back to Earth” brings a more straight-up sad vibe. Even though I’m saying it’s a sad vibe, that isn’t a bad thing. As an emo kid who refuses to give up, these soft and sweet songs are always going to win me over. Again, like in “Learn”, you get an undeniable sense of passion and emotion with every word in “Back To Earth”. I felt completely lost in my head throughout this track in the best way possible and was shaken back to reality by “The Border”.

I feel like it wasn’t until “The Border” hit where I really saw the potential of this band as a full band sound. Again, that’s not a bad thing- they honestly do this stripped-back vibe so well– but there’s just something a bit more hurried about “The Border” which made me desperate for a full band sound. Okay, maybe desperate is the wrong word here but I could hear the potential of the full band and craved that power that I know this band is capable of. Even without the full band sound, there’s newfound energy in this track that just gives you that little boost of energy that you may be needing. It’s a great track and still very inline with the previous two tracks but just brings a little something-something to the table.

“Walls” closes out this all-too-quick stripped-back EP with more beauty and passion. Another sensitive jam, I hope this is a track that they never redo as a full band. There’s just something so perfect about this one being stripped back and soft. You know when you go see a rocking band live and then the house lights come up, the band goes into a crowd, and they play a soft acoustic track from in the middle of the audience? This is 39 Broad Street’s track to do that with. It’s just so heart-stoppingly beautiful.

I cheated and listened to 39 Broad Street’s debut single “Back To Earth” and more recent single, “Stay”. Both have a bigger and fuller band sound but still have the same amount of passion as this stripped-back EP has. 39 Broad Street does both styles so well and although I’m stoked for them to be able to get back together and record with the entire band, I hope they don’t drop the stripped-back versions of their songs on this EP because they are absolutely stunning.

My Favorite Track(s): “Walls”

For Fans Of: Acoustic Sad Songs; Passion; Emotion

Daydream-ability: 6 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Both cats slept upstairs

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 6.8 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 7.1 out of 10

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