My brother is getting married this weekend. Jeez, that feels weird to say. I am truly so happy for him and his beautiful fiance and I know it will be a perfect day full of amazing food, friends, and family that we haven’t seen in forever. Even with that in mind, I feel stressed. I think just knowing that people are going to be in “my space” and my brother will be busy with wedding stuff so I’m feeling like I need to have a plan for everyone. And where are people going to eat? What if it snows and my California family has issues with driving? What if… I need to clear my head. Let’s see if ‘Satori’ by Wesley David can do the trick.

This quick six-song EP kicks off with “Wasting Time (Watching a Clock)” and instantly gave me the peace of mind, body, and soul that I was looking for. The beginning of this track doesn’t really have a melody or anything like that and is more like a warm-up but the beauty encompassed in said warm-up told me everything I needed to know about what I was going to get from this release. As the song moves on, certain elements become a bit more prevalent through the ambiance and noise of the warm-up including a guitar which quickly takes over and catapults this track to where it belongs. There’s a swagger to the guitar playing that I found to have a bit of an attitude (in a good way) that mixes so uniquely with the smooth almost pop-styled vocals. I know this is only the first of six tracks but I was intrigued by Wesley David and so excited for the journey that is ‘Satori’.

The uniqueness of Wesley David clearly continues into “Glass Half Full”. At first, I thought that maybe a wrong note was being played on the guitar or something within the first line but then realized that it was creating a sense of dissonance that would reoccur throughout this track but always beautifully resolve itself. It seemed to mirror the story-telling-styled lyrics that flew over the instrumentation. A bit of a juxtaposition in themselves, there was a clear sense of artistry throughout “Glass Half Full”.

“Easy For You” has a much more upbeat indie-rock vibe to it when compared to the previous two tracks but I wouldn’t call this a commercial track. There is still something about the songwriting that keeps a feeling of depth throughout this track. An instant favorite of mine, I really loved everything about this song from the lyrics to the vocal tone to the overall composition of the song. Sadly, this is the shortest track on the EP but I love how Wesley can give you a full song in such a short two-and-a-half-minute span of time. The song has unexpected ebbs and flows yet comes together perfectly to form a cohesive track. (And, of course, he got me with the piano sound that comes in and out throughout the song!)

Things shift it almost a more country-inspired style for “I’ll Be Damned”. It’s not that this is a straight-up anthemic pop-country track but something about the strummed guitar and some of the drawl heard in Wesley’s voice made it have this southern feel to it. The chorus of “I’ll Be Damned” truly showcases Wasley’s vocals. They are almost crooning at points throughout this track in a way that I had heard previously on this release and I was here for it. Still silky smooth, the amount of emotion that Wesley emits with his voice is gorgeous.

Just when I was really getting into the more poppy side of Wesley David, “Seesaw (Lose Your Own Duel)” takes things to a darker place. The shift in the vocals is subtle but is more than enough to completely flip the coin to the other side. There’s a darkness, a deepness, in Wesley’s voice that brings a sense of importance to this track. Even when things brighten up a little bit with the instrumentation that comes in during the chorus, there’s something deep about this track. Much like in “Glass Half Full”, I loved the way the vocals seemed to match the instrumentation in a perfect yet unassuming way.

Closing out this quick EP is “Lifetime Warranty” which brings a triumphant vibe and is the perfect way to end this journey. Think a little Bruce Springsteen anthemic power but with a bit more indie tendencies, as this track wrapped up, I couldn’t help self but replay the track one more time. It’s just such a powerful track full of life and it was just what I needed to find the motivation to get back to work.

My Favorite Track(s): “Easy For You”

For Fans Of: Chill but Grungy; Country and 90s Influences; Pure Artistry

Mosh-ability: 3.1 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Artie slept on the couch; Autumn chirped at the birds through the front window; Alfie continued his revolt against my Christmas tree

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 7 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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