Calling yourself “New York City’s most dangerous band” is definitely a bold claim but that was the subject line when I got the pitch for Villins’ brand new EP ‘The Power’. I’ll be honest, I’m a bit pessimistic as to whether I will actually be calling them “New York City’s most dangerous band”, but I am so excited to jump into this quick four-song EP to see what this band is all about.

I was instantly intrigued as “Lightgiver” took over my house with an undeniable sense of power and drama. A creepy organ hides in the background of this intro and drew me in with ease before almost Lady Gaga-toned vocals came in. Although I don’t think I would consider the sound of this opening track dangerous, there’s no denying the sheer power in everything going on throughout the track. It’s anthemic and strong with an almost pop flair when it comes to the vocals. It’s a super interesting combination and I hope that’s something that lasts throughout this release.

“Let’s Break Some Shit” was instantly a favorite of mine. There’s a bitter edge to this track while still having 80’s undertones with wailing guitar work and more Hyper Crush styled vocals. This wasn’t quite what I was expecting after having listened to the first track but I love the versatility that this song shows. Honestly, this song made me want to get up from my desk and just dance and, after the hellish day I’ve had, I was surprised to have this urge to expend energy that I frankly don’t have at this point. Most dangerous band? Eh. To be seen but most powerful and energetic band– now that’s a tagline I would absolutely get behind when it comes to Villins.

“Do It For The Thrill” perfectly splits the difference between the first two tracks. There’s that anthemic power from “Lightgiver” and the more electronic drenched sound of “Let’s Break Some Shit” in this track. The vocals take a shift to a more sultry side of things and it’s honestly irresistible. I briefly mentioned the 80’s undertones during “Let’s Break Some Shit” but I feel like you really get a taste of that influence in this track. From the keyboards to the almost funky bassline throughout this track, there’s just something very 80’s glam rock and retro about Villins sound that is so fun. Instead of feeling dated because of this influence, Villins are somehow able to put a modern twist on it making their sound super refreshing.

This EP closes with the title track, “The Power” and honestly it’s just the icing on the cake to this super intriguing and fun EP. There’s some talking that kicks this song off before powerful guitars and drums take over and Villins jumps into what I would call the most dangerous feeling track on the album. From dazzling guitar work to the absolutely impressive showcase of the vocals, this track just acts as the perfect closer. It’s epic, dramatic, and in your face as if to make sure you don’t forget Villins’ name any time soon.

New York City’s most dangerous band? Well, I guess that depends on how you define “dangerous”. Regardless, Villins is a powerful band with such a huge and unique sound. I truly hope to catch them live because I’m already dreaming about how amazing their concerts probably are.

My Favorite Track(s): “Let’s Break Some Shit”

For Fans Of: Pure Power; 80’s Vibes

Mosh-ability: 7 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Artie laid right by my desk; Autumn slept upstairs

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 9 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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