Cassettes are a lost art, at least that’s what I thought until recently. Lately, my mailbox has been full of cassettes and it honestly makes me so happy so why not jump into one of these to remind me just how great this form of music can be. No pressure Blue Tomorrows, but I really hope you bring my dusty cassette player back to life with your new album “Future Proof”.

I got a rush of excitement as I put the shiny gold cassette into my player and hit play. Instantly, my house was filled with the sweet sounds that are Blue Tomorrows and a sense of warmth. There’s undeniable calm that comes with “Vanished World” that, in such a busy and stressful world we live in today, is absolutely perfect and had me feeling a bit more at ease with how lazy I had been throughout the day. The sound is a perfect indie-pop sound but there’s also something almost psychedelic about the vocals that adds a cool twist to the music pumping through my house.

It’s a sunny and gorgeous day up here in Minneapolis today but, as soon as “Blackbirds” started playing, it was as if the sun starting shining even brighter. This is an absolutely stunning track that had me, well, stunned. Again, it’s cool, calm, and collected and brought a sense of warmth and comfort over me without hesitation. I’ll be honest, I zoned out in the beauty of this track and, before I knew it, “Violet Shrine” had taken over. Again, the beautiful vocals in “Violet Shrine” had me absolutely in love with Blue Tomorrows. The way they soar over the more lo-fi instrumentation is a thing of wonder and a perfect balance.

“Neverendless” seems to bring a focus onto the beat, unlike the previous tracks. Although not fast or even super intense, there’s something about the beat in this one that stands out and really drives the track forwards. The vocals continued to leave me in a bit of a haze and I struggled to find comparisons other than Azure Ray. That being said, I wouldn’t say that Blue Tomorrows sound like Azure Ray, it’s more that comfort factor that is so undeniable about their sound. I found myself shaken out of my haze as the title track, “Future Proof”, took over with a dreamlike guitar part before those familiar vocals took over the track. Although the shortest track on this stunning release, this was a favorite of mine because it had a little bit of everything. The cool, calm, and collected vibe that Blue Tomorrows does so well along with a little faster of a beat. It’s just a perfect blend and a perfect track for a sunny Saturday. 

“Snow Moon Blues” keeps the light fairly upbeat and light-hearted. There’s a really pretty key part in this track that had me absolutely captivated. Even though I found myself constantly looking for this intricate detail of this beautiful song, I won’t lie, my ears continuously went back to the beautiful vocals that soared over everything else. I’ve found myself in a haze throughout this album. Don’t get it twisted– it’s a beautiful haze that only a stunning album can provide but I lost track of when “Snow Moon Blues” ended and when “Uncanny Valley” began. This isn’t a bad problem to have because it means that Blue Tomorrows’ sound is just so very them that there are no drastic changes from song to song. Sometimes I prefer the drastic changes as it shows different sides of the same band but this side of Blue Tomorrow is just too dang perfect to even question or ask anything else of.

The last two tracks continued to just leave me in a beautiful haze. “All The Dark” feels like the most beautiful love song you’ve ever heard while not being a cliche love song. The lyrics are actually quite heavy but just the way they are laid out makes it feel like one of the most beautiful tracks I have heard in some time. Those heavy lyrics continue into “Former Window” and I started to wonder if this was something that has been there throughout the rest of this album but I was just too captivated by the beauty to notice it. Regardless, “Former Window” was the perfect closing to this beautiful album. It fades out just like how “Vanished World” faded in. It left me speechless just like that opening track did and made it hard to not just go back and listen through this entire release all over again.

Dusting has never been my thing and I was almost annoyed that I had to dust off my cassette player for this album but it was so worth it. I’ll have to keep my cassette player out so I can revisit this album often. What a stunning piece of art.

My Favorite Track(s): “Future Proof”

For Fans Of: Beautiful Soundscapes; Cool, Calm, and Collected Vibes

Daydream-ability: 9.5 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Artie laid in a patch of sunlight behind me; Autumn slept upstairs

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 6 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 7.8 out of 10

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