Today has been a wild day that has ended up with me being a proud ticket holder for Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas this year. Was that an impulse decision? Absolutely! Am I super stoked? Absolutely! Have I figured out how I’m going to get to Vegas or where I’m going to stay? Absolutely not! I should probably spend some time looking into that tonight but it’s so hard to focus when I have this giant list of albums that I want to review. The Vegas thing will be figured out in due time so I’m not going to worry about it right now and, instead, will worry about checking out Moon Hound’s new EP ‘Crescent’.

“Persephone” instantly drew me into this album. This opening track starts off with a super whimsical and fun sound that continues through the entry of the vocals. The vocals, like the instrumentation, are playful but also have a super great story-telling vibe to them. I loved how this opening track grew into a wall of sound that isn’t overwhelming but purely beautiful and unfamiliarity familiar. There’s something comforting about this track as if it’s a track that I have been listening to for years but I know that it’s something new and that had me feeling intrigued as this song faded out and led into “Coffee”.

At under two minutes long, “Coffee” is the quickest track on this quick six-song EP but it was an instant favorite of mine. There’s a warmth in the vocals that comes with this track which, when combined with the almost calming yet playful nature of the instrumentation, left me with the perfect soundtrack to this unnaturally chilly Monday night. I wish this track would have lasted longer but, before I knew it, it was taken over by “Hillside” which really brought the calming side of Moon Hound to the spotlight. I wouldn’t call this an ambient track but there’s something beautifully atmospheric about it. The flowing guitar part seems to mimic the slide from word to word. Beautiful crescendos are sprinkled throughout this track and create an almost oceanlike effect with the way the sound comes in like the tide. I really can not stress the beauty of this track.

“Back Porch Frame” ditches the atmospheric vibe laid out in “Hillside” and replaces it with more of a lo-fi garage rock sound that, although caught me a bit off guard, fits Moon Hound’s sound and style perfectly. There’s something effortless about this DIY style track and also something oddly polished about it. I love the way the vocals stick out in this track because it really gave me a chance to catch the brilliant lyricism of this band. Although sonically this track isn’t classically beautiful like the previous song, the lyrics are absolutely stunning.

Things slow down and take a more acoustic vibe with “The Shallows”. I love how this track split the difference between “Back Porch Frame” and “Hillside” perfectly. There’s a giant shift in the vocal styling with this track to the point where I’m wondering if it’s a different vocalist (I honestly don’t know). There’s just a hint of darkness in the words of this track that continues to showcase the beauty of this band but in a different light. 

“The Southern Provence” closes out this six-song EP on, you guessed it, a beautiful note. This track kicks off with a beautiful vocal harmony that had goosebumps crawling up my spine before hazy guitars come in and catapult this song into a more classic lo-fi bedroom-pop sound. Although this album is a bit all over the place as far as the sound and style go, every song is clearly that of Moon Hound due to the beauty that comes with each track, and “The Southern Provence” is no different. Like previous moments in this release, I was getting big ocean wave vibes. Even when the song hits its stride with a wall of sound and power, there’s something tender and sensitive with the way it’s laid out. 

I feel like this hazy lo-fi indie-pop sound is all the rage right now and, although I don’t hate it, I feel like it just never quite grabs my attention. Moon Hound has grabbed my attention and then some. They do this style with a sense of conviction and passion that I wish every band in this scene had. What a beautiful and perfect EP!

My Favorite Track(s): “Coffee”

For Fans Of: Beauty; Tenderness; Calmness With Some Haziness

Daydream-ability: 8 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Autumn chased Artie around the living room until he gave up his toy

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 6 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

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