I have no witty intro or anything profound to say right now other than I am so sick of my laundry basket staring at me and subconsciously telling me to haul it upstairs and put away the clean clothes. The audacity of this basket- I tell you. So let’s ignore that and jump into another new album! Although ‘before the fog covers me’ from SESPOOL came out last October, it’s new to me so let’s check it out!

This seven-song album kicks off with the title track, “before the fog covers me”. It opens with a beautiful soundscape being created from what I think are synthesizers before some clearer notes come in from a guitar and, eventually, vocals. The prominent bass hit drives this opening track forwards. This bumping bass gives this song an almost aggressive vibe to it but there’s something calming and oh so full of pain in the vocals that juxtaposes the harshness of the bass and other sounds going on in the background. I don’t quite know what genre I would put this song in but I’m oh so intrigued and can’t wait to see what happens in the other tracks of this album.

“newsflash” continued to have me confused as hot to classify SESPOOL but it also had me falling deeper in love with this act. There’s still something emotional about the words but you see a bit of the hip-hop influence heard in “before the fog covers me” come to the forefront. That being said, this is not a hip-hop track. I don’t know what it is but I love it. The beat it catchy and there’s something almost dancey and commercial about the vocals. The beat continues to have a prominent bass sound at times that has an almost EDM vibe. All of this comes together to clearly not only confuse me but also leave me with a sound that is so unique and also super good.

I feel like “newsflash” flew by and, before I knew it, “meet ecstasy” had taken over my house. This song definitely showcases the brilliant vocals behind SESPOOL. There’s an undeniable range in his voice that isn’t quite clearly laid out in the first two tracks but you hear it in this song. There’s also something super comforting about this track that I instantly loved. Although I loved the more dancey and bouncy feeling of the first two tracks, this new sense of tenderness and more of an R&B vibe in “meet ecstasy” had this being an instant favorite of mine. I was so lost in the beauty of this track that the spoken-word vibe of “buried beneath the sickness is sweetness” absolutely caught me off guard. This track is definitely a bit more aggressive than “meet ecstasy” so it took me a second to cozy up to this track. There’s something just a bit more classic rock song about some of this track but SESPOOL makes sure to not get too normal with it. There are moments of cool almost electronic-inspired quips scattered through this track that kept it so very interesting and absolutely kept me on my toes.

It’s as if SESPOOL doesn’t want you to get comfortable in one sound because “lost waves crash” seems to bring back that sense of tenderness I got in “meet ecstasy”. This constant rollercoaster is almost exhausting but in all of the right ways. Whereas “buried beneath the sickness is sweetness” seemed to focus on the rock side of things, “lost waves crash” has more of an indie-pop vibe to it but, again, like all of the previous tracks, there’s no way to put SESPOOL or even one of his tracks into one box.

The intro of “twilight plight” is very theatrical and gives in to the most theatrical feeling track on this album. Again, a sound that I wasn’t expecting to get from this album (but, then again, at this point nothing on this album surprises me because it’s all so all over the place in all the right ways), this track seems to lean more into the cloud hop scene of the youth of today than any other genre. I want to tell you everything that comes in and out throughout this track because there are some really cool and intricate parts in this track but I feel like you just have to hear them and be surprised like I was. Although not my favorite track on this album, this is one of those songs that you just have to hear for yourself.

“can we heal?” ends up a surprisingly tender and beautiful note. This track is more atmospheric and almost ambient at times than any of the other previous tracks. It’s an interesting move to end such a powerful album on such a soft and sensitive note but I also liked how it just kind of brought a sense of closure to this highly intriguing release.

I’ve reviewed some amazing music this weekend but something about this album from SESPOOL has me absolutely shook. It’s all over the place stylistically and it truly has a sound all of its own. The creativity and passion that come through on this album are heard loud and clear. I had honestly never heard of SESPOOL before today but this is going to be an album that will be stuck in my head for the foreseeable future.

My Favorite Track(s): “meet ecstasy”

For Fans Of: Creativty; Individuality

Daydream-ability: 6 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Both cats slept upstairs

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 7 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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