Although the last thing on my mind has been spending time outside what with my air conditioning being out of commission, I am happy to say that that should be changing on Wednesday. Even though I’m going to hate signing my bank account away, I am so ready to have air in the house again and am hoping that gives me a little motivation to get out and go check out the pool that I have access to with my new townhouse! Although I’m a ginger who should really avoid the outside and just deal with living a vampire-esque lifestyle, there’s something about sitting by the pool that I absolutely love. I had an interview slated for Mundo Park and started wondering… what would a day at the pool with these guys be like?!

Here’s a little info to set the stage– It’s a Tuesday- you have no work, no recording, no really anything! All you have on the books is some pool hangs so talk me through your day at the pool!

What time are you getting to the pool?

Probably around about 2 pm. First have a good lunch, maybe a little pina colada because you get thirsty in these temperatures and to get the vibe going.

What’s first? Laying and getting some sun or just jump right on in?

You can’t take the boys out of men, so first, we jump in the pool. If there’s a slide, it’s even better. After that, we will work on our tan. And then jump in the pool again. And so on, and so on…

Did you bring any snacks?

Pineapple, other fruits, and some veggies. One of us is a vegetarian, another is half vegetarian, so we need a lot of healthy stuff. And of course the (in)famous Dutch snack bitterbal. You can’t live without ‘em. You also have veggie bitterballs, which are really great as well!

What about drinks? 

This is a pool party, so you just need to have cocktails, like the pina colada. It just brings the summer into your body. Actually, we do like cocktails a lot. Just give us the right ingredients, and we’ll manage. Marcel is a mojito-man. Jeroen is fond of sex on the beach. And he likes the cocktail as well, haha. Jona always lives the Italian way. He spends his holidays over there and has a temperament. So he probably is gonna go for the negroni. A lot of them. And we all do like a G&T. But is that technically a cocktail?

Who is the one in the most extravagant floatie and what is it a floatie of?

Jona is really fond of the floaties. He had an orca once, and now he has the very common unicorn. Jeroen once saw a tank-floatie, which had a water gun on it. Brilliant! We really do need to have three of those!

There’s a diving board at this pool– which kind of jump do you each do?

Marcel is our specialist in diving. His signature move is the 102C. It is a squatted forward salto. Looks great! Jeroen is afraid of heights so he just hates diving boards. Jona thinks he looks cool jumping, but he doesn’t. 

You guys are starting to get hungry for something more substantial than snacks, what kind of food do you order?

When you are at a pool, you need food that you can eat properly. So probably we are gonna order big pizzas. Jona thinks he’s a distinguished Italian, so he will probably go for involtini di melanzane e pesce spada, or something.

Do you actually wait 30 minutes before getting back in the pool after eating?

NO. Hell no! Do people really do that? That’s the same thing as warming up before a match. No one does that. So overrated… Or when there’s pizza, but you have to wait until everyone is sitting at the table. It is just impossible.

Who’s the most sunburnt in the band?

Most definitely Jona. He tries to live like an Italian but doesn’t look like one. He’s blond and every year it’s the same story all over again. On the first sunny days, he gets sunburned. A lot! Like a freshly cooked lobster. It even looks painful.

As you start to wrap up the day, who’s the first one to bail and want to go back home and just chill inside and away from the sun?

Jona, because he’s probably sunburned. Hahaha. But serious: we don’t bale. We go on and on. We are unstoppable.

Do you leave anyone behind at the pool?

No. We actually are like the three musketeers: Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno, on for all, all for one. Or how we say in The Netherlands: Samen uit, samen thuis. It means ‘We go out together, we get home together.’ 

Best way to end a day at the pool?

This is a hard one. Once we get started, we don’t stop. So probably we have one last dive and one last cocktail at the pool, put our stuff somewhere, and gonna look for a nice bar somewhere.

What’s the one thing I should know before listening to “Summertime”?

We don’t want to bring you out of these summer vibes, but here’s a fun fact: we actually wrote the song in the middle of December when it was cold. It even started to snow when we were busy writing it! 

Although I’m just excited to have a pool to use whenever I want, I’m super bummed that I won’t be hanging out with the boys of Mundo Park. I feel like Jona and I would have a great time trying to deny the fact that we were getting roasted by the sun. Marcel and I would absolutely have a great conversation over a fresh mojito and Jeroen and I could bond over our fear of heights (and diving boards). If this doesn’t show you just how much personality this band has, maybe their new single “Summertime” will. Even though they ruined everything by telling me that this was written back in the middle of December, there’s no denying how amazing this track is!

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