I’m finally getting that new air conditioner that I’ve been praying for. It has been a long road and I’ve had many a sleepless night but it’s finally here. I’m beyond excited for not only air conditioning but also a day off from the day job to just focus on some other work including getting caught up on album reviews so let’s do just that starting with ÆGES’ ‘DRØMMEN’.

“DRIFTER” kicks this seven-track album off with a sense of fury before leveling out into a very unique alternative rock sound. There are so many intricacies throughout this opening track that instantly hook you from swirling guitars to an almost ambient fuzz of chaos behind staggering vocals. Although fairly situated in the alt-rock scene of things, there’s so much more to this opening track and it has me so excited to hear what else this album may have in store for me. 

Second up on this album is “PAIN”. This track seems to show the more metal edge of this group with the instrumentation. The guitars, although still fuzzy, bring an almost sludge and doom metal vibe to this track while those distinct alt-rock vocals soar above. The drums just seem to hit a little bit harder in this track without coming off as super aggressive or in your face. I don’t know how they did it but ÆGES somehow found a perfect balance between everything I like in this track making it an instant favorite of mine.

Although just as powerful as the previous two tracks, “BLIND & DREAMING” seems to showcase a bit more sensitivity from this band. From the lyrics to the delivery of them, there’s something heartbreaking and haunting about this track. It’s dark and moody while still being clearly that of ÆGES. Even as the chorus amps things up and brings a bit of a bitter edge to the table, there’s something about the slower-paced tempo of this track that had it feeling just a bit more somber. The moodiness of “BLIND & DREAMING” seems to linger into “DRINK THE WATER” but it takes a new form. Instead of being tender and sensitive in nature, “DRINK THE WATER” has an almost bitterness to it. You can feel an almost sense of defeat in the vocals that seem to match the lyrics absolutely perfectly. “My faith has come undone/ the taste is on my tongue/ no one told me this would go away”. Regardless of how you want to interpret those lines of words, they are powerful and that matches the energy you get in this track.

Whereas “DRINK THE WATER” felt a bit defeated at times, “BELIEVER” seems to be a contrasting and triumphant track. It’s still not as in your face as some of the previous tracks but there’s just something a little bit lighter and more loving about this one that I absolutely adored. Heartbreaking lyrics ring above an interesting mix of instrumental sounds. I may be losing it but I’m pretty sure I hear the strum of an acoustic guitar in this track. Whether it is an acoustic guitar or not, it brings a very cool and comforting element to this track that just adds to its power.

“DREAMSTATE” is the longest track at five and a half minutes long but it definitely doesn’t feel like it. The driving nature of this track actually made it feel like one of the shorter songs on this album. Although there is absolutely a hurried energy in this track, nothing about it seems frantic or rushed. My words clearly are not doing it justice so I’m going to leave it at this: “DREAMSTATE” is one of those songs that you just have to hear and it’s also a track that I think really showcases the talent and creativity of ÆGES perfectly. This is another favorite of mine for sure.

Like many other albums I have listened to lately, I feel like the final track on ‘DRØMMEN’ is the perfect ending to a solid record. “A ROOM FULL OF MIRRORS” really gives you a chance to see all of the sides of this band that had been laid out previously on this album while reminding you that this band has so much more to give you than what they could fit on this seven-song album. This is a beautiful and powerful ending to a stunning and staggering album that left me more than satisfied but also left me wanting so much more.

My Favorite Track(s): “PAIN”; “DREAMSTATE”

For Fans Of: Power; Moodiness; Power; Did I mentiion power?

Mosh-ability: 7 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Both cats are locked in the upstairs bathroom due to the A/C (and furnace) replacement. I’m nervous to peep in there and see what they’re up to)

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 8 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 8.4 out of 10

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