I know that I complain about really short EP’s because I feel like it always leaves me wanting so much more from an artist but there’s also something nice about them. I can feel my music ADD going off the charts right now so these quick looks into new artists are actually perfect for me on nights like tonight so let’s take a listen to ‘Downer’, a three-song EP from Jacob Bennett!

The title track on this 3-song EP wastes no time jumping into Jacob Bennett’s sound. With a powerful yet approachable guitar and steady drums, I was instantly drawn into this opening track and then, like a one-two punch, Jacob’s voice came in and won my heart instantly. There’s something a little pop-punk about the delivery of his vocals but I wouldn’t call his overall vibe pop-punk. Sure, there are moments in this acoustically-driven opening track where I heard a little Dashboard Confessional and, at times, his vocals reminded me exactly of a local Des Moines pop-punk band I grew up worshiping (shout out to my Stuck With Arthur boys) but, overall, I found myself struggling to really classify what world to put Jacob’s music into. Honestly, that’s what I always want from people’s music– I want unclassifiable. I want new and fresh and that’s exactly what I got from this opening track.

“Hanged Man, Upright” definitely brings a bit more energy and edge to the table as compared to “Downer”. Although the vocals are still very much distinctively that of Jacob Bennett, the overall composition of this track is so different. There’s more volume and more power in it to match the power that can be heard in the vocals throughout all of the songs on this EP. I love the energy in this track but I think, more than that, I love that you can hear that Jacob still has so much more to give. I don’t know how else to explain this but I think you’ll get it when you hear this amazing track.

Last on this EP is “Red”. There’s almost a little southern influence in the instrumentation of this track that I love. I can’t promise but I’m pretty sure the bass in this track is that of an upright bass which adds a brilliant sense of depth to this song and this EP overall. Usually, these quick EPs offer a great insight into musicians and their style but I realized as “Red” played throughout my house, I was left with so many unanswered questions. The first track felt pop-punk, the second track a bit more indie-rock, and this final song a bit more southern rock-influenced. I don’t know who Jacob Bennett is but I know that he absolutely has my attention, ears, and heart after checking out this quick release from him.

My Favorite Track(s): Just listen to all three of these. Trust me.

For Fans Of: Music in general– there’s seriously something for everyone in this EP!

Dance-Ability: 6 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Artie sat next to my desk and licked himself; Autumn slept upstairs

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 8 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 8.6 out of 10

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