Fade reached out to me about his new single “City Ride” and, as soon as I heard it, I was in love. It was smooth and jazzy while having a huge big-band vibe and a crap ton of energy. It was unlike anything I had ever heard before and I was instantly hooked. I wanted so much more from Fade but this was only his first single off of an upcoming EP and that’s all he had to offer me. I’m impatient and although I will anxiously await his upcoming EP, I just needed to know more about Fade so here are some questions that [mostly] have absolutely nothing to do with his music:

What’s a new hobby you have taken up during quarantine?

I haven’t developed a new hobby during this Covid period; actually, I’ve just had more time by myself, questioning myself, others, and humanity in general. On one side it has been great and useful because I’ve had the opportunity to re-discover myself better than I thought, but on the other hand I focused on some of humanity’s problems and it was quite deceiving. 

I’m fond of cinema and discovering new music too, so I had the time to watch more films and appreciate some music artists that I never really listened to before (such as the evolution of Bowie’s character during his musical career)!

What’s your go-to coffee order?

Small, espresso, black, and of course Italian! What a question to ask!

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

it’s the boss Bruce Springsteen! I’ve seen him 3 times and oh my god his concerts: Bruce is a live music messiah, playing religious celebrations with spiritual and collective rock and roll prayers.

 I’ve also loved Mumford & Sons, Kendrick Lamar, and Radiohead, but there’s no one like the Boss for me!

What’s the most awkward date you’ve ever been on?

I didn’t really have strange dates! When I was in high school I was a catastrophe on first dates: I remember once I spread everywhere on my body a coffee we just ordered, I felt so embarrassed. I also feel strange when I’m physically attracted by someone and then, during our date, I don’t find a psychological match! it’s very difficult to me to make the distinction between bodies and minds!

What’s music for you?

That’s a difficult question! I can resume my answer in two points:

The first one is all about feelings. Music means sharing our feelings and composition can be resumed in how you arrived to put your feelings and sensations in your instruments and how they sound in their ensemble in a song. In my opinion, there’s no such thing as music genre or music style discrimination. It’s just how and what you feel when you listen to a song. 

And the second one, the most important, we must remember that music, such as every form of art, can be used to fight against inequalities and every social problem! Art could be an important form of protest, a peaceful protest! Piece has never been only an option! We must understand and realize that we can fight for human rights without wars and violence!

Are you okay with unconventional interview questions? 

Hahah convention is being unconventional!

Did Matt Skiba help or hurt Blink 182? Or, if you have no opinion, that’s fine too (although I’ll absolutely be judging you)!

I am totally being judged right now! I’m honest and I have no idea what you’re talking about haha! 

I promise I will make my research and then I’ll give you a proper answer!

What’s your most regrettable tattoo? Or, if you don’t have any- what’s a tattoo you would want if you were to get one?

I don’t have any tattoos! I’d like the Kanagawa Wave on my arm, but friends use to tell me that it’s becoming mainstream… and yes, I’m quite sad about it

If you could compare yourself to a bird, what bird would it be and why?

I’D LOVE TO BE A BIRD! Being able to see everywhere from the top and fly from one country to another, must be wonderful! 

And I’d love to be a white falcon (I go crazy for Berserk, RIP to the author!)

Have you ever been able to finish a Rubik’s Cube?

I haven’t, but I know there’s a sort of trick method thanks to which you can solve it!

In college everyone could do it, I was the kind of hipster kid not interested in such a thing… I was that kid telling everyone “who is Avicii I listen to Guns n Roses and Metallica what a loser you are!”. If I could go back in those years I would actually slap myself…

What’s an old-school fad that you wish would come back (i.e. jnco jeans; butterfly clips; etc.)

Two things! At first, I’d love it if everyone could reset their memory and watch Dragon Ball on TV for the first time and then talk about it the next day at school (as we did when we were kids)! And the second one: Fu**in PlayStation One games (and the afternoon we spent on them!): they were amazing! 

However, I’d love just to be a phantom traveling through all different epochs, the 60s, the 70s, the 80’s and see everything passing by, not interacting, just observing.

What’s your favorite method of listening to music (i.e. vinyl, cassette, 8-track, etc.)

At home, I have two fantastic music monitors, but I’m passionate about great headphones and vinyl! I have almost every Beatles album on vinyl; I enjoyed them each time I go back home.

Favorite lyrics of all time? (it can be a full song, a phrase, etc. just please let me know who it is and what song!)

“You can hide ‘neath the covers and study your pain. Make crosses for your lovers, throw roses in the rain”

Thunder Road from Bruce Springsteen, in fact every word of every line of every song of Bruce Springsteen

If you were to rob a bank, what would be the song playing in the getaway car as you escape?    

I can see how pop culture has influenced me: I think I will take one of Tarantino soundtracks or a James Bond one, or if I really have to choose the song will probably be “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting” by Elton John or something by The Killers!

What’s one thing I should know before listening to “City Rides”?

Mmmm I think you have to know my major influences in composition style: jazz improvisation and dissonances, lyricism, and the Beatles-like-simplicity easy. A few words about the Beatles: they were able to make such difficult songs which everyone used to listen to in the ’60s! 

They actually did pop songs but they were written mind-blowing melodies, they put new instruments and changes in tempo in every song, they gave a new philosophy to music history! 

Everyone just saying Beatles music is for teenagers, they were tremendous musicians and,  in my opinion, no one in popular music has reached the talent! 

So, Jazz melodies, lyricism, music simplicity! That’s the perfect mix you have to keep in mind listening to City Rides!

… and your future project?

The next song of the album will be out on the 30th of July, and the full album at the end of the summer! 

I have a big big project for the next two years but for now, it’s a little secret eheh!

Don’t worry– I will let you know as soon as he gets back to me on that Blink 182 question.

“City Rides” has this subtle sense of swagger in it and, after getting to know Fade a wee bit better through these questions, it makes sense. There’s something super unique about this musician and that comes through loud and clear in his music.

As mentioned, Fade’s new single “City Rides” is out now and will be part of an EP from him soon (keep your eyes peeled for a full review from me on the EP!)!!

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